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Mum is calling on motorists not to park on sidewalks by leaving ‘polite’ notes on cars

Vaseline 2 months ago

Louise Brown, 33, is fed up with not being able to push her baby’s pram when she leaves her home in Ingatestone, Essex, and instead being forced onto the dangerous road

Mom Louise Brown doesn’t want to risk taking Louie on the road(Louise Brown / SWNS)

A fed-up mother has left ‘polite’ notes on cars pleading with motorists not to park on the sidewalks – because she shouldn’t be walking on the streets with her three-month-old baby

Louise Brown, 33, started carrying a notebook and pen with her as she pushed her pram around the village of Ingatestone, Essex, two weeks ago. She said she shouldn’t have to walk little Louie while avoiding cars just because other vehicles were blocking the sidewalk.

One of her notes read: “Please don’t block the sidewalk. You’re forcing me onto the road with a young baby. Thank you.” The recruitment consultant said: “Every day I face these problems – I think drivers have become lazy and want to park right in front of their house.

She has started leaving polite notes about cars blocking their path(Louise Brown / SWNS)
She hopes that the drivers understand her situation (Louise Brown / SWNS)

“There is only sidewalk on one side of the road outside my house, while the other side is a grass verge. If there are cars on the sidewalk, I have to get on the road. The majority of cars are going faster than 60 km/h hour and right next to a country bend. All you have to do is let that one car come at too high a speed, look at the radio or look at their cell phone, and something could happen to us.

The mother of Bonnie, 22 months, and newcomer Louie walks with the pram every day and also takes her three dogs on the village roads. She started leaving messages on the cars blocking her way two weeks ago when she became frustrated with the situation.

Louise said: “I said to myself, ‘I wish I had a notepad with me because there are so many cars I can leave messages on’. The bad words come to my head, but being polite makes it more likely something is done. Get a smile So far, manners don’t cost you anything. Sometimes it does make a difference: the taxi driver who used to park at the top of the road has been shuffling around a bit, but they’re still on the sidewalk. .’

Louise added that she thought sidewalk parking should be banned more widely, as London is currently the only place in England where it is illegal. She said: “If people need to park on the pavement, please be considerate and leave plenty of space. The people who are there all day and on weekends, it’s just very difficult. I don’t want to get in the way of my baby. .”

The mother of two said she hopes one day she won’t have to leave notes anymore. She said: “I would like to have a smiley face and thank you for your thoughtfulness – and then the notepad will be safely stored in the cupboard.”