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Aamir Khan’s Newlywed Daughter Ira Khan Shares a Comment on Being ‘Scared’; here’s how hubby Nupur Shikhare reacted

Vaseline 2 months ago

Trigger warning: This article contains references to depression.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has often spoken loudly about her battle with depression, which she was diagnosed with in 2018. In a recent Instagram post, Ira spoke about her fear of helplessness and loneliness, among other things.

In a long note that began “I’m afraid,” Ira added, “I’m afraid of being alone. I’m afraid of being helpless. And to feel helpless. I’m afraid of all the bad things in the world (violence, disease, apathy). I’m afraid of getting lost. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of being muted. Not always. Not every day. You will see me laughing, working, living. But if I’m afraid…I’ll be crippled.”

Ira Khan talks about her fears

Saying that fear often feels worse than the thing itself, Ira shared: “We can overcome the tangible. The fear is endless and as powerful as our imagination. I forget that I am loved by very capable people who will find me when I am lost. Take care of me when I’m hurt. I forget that I am a competent person. There’s not much you can do about that. Fear has that effect. What helps me is finding someone else (or a song, movie, whatever) that makes me feel physically safe or reminds me of the things I’ve forgotten, giving me hope and patience to make this fear go away. Ideally I do both.”

Ira Khan’s husband dropped the sweetest comment on her post

Last year, Ira married fitness coach Nupur Sikhare after dating for a few years. Soon after Ira posted this message, Nupur quickly responded saying, “I’m here after (kiss emojis) Muaaaaahhhhhh”. Ira replied the same, teasing him and saying, “Who do you think the last slide was about?”

Actor Ali Fazal also came to console Ira and said, “You are loved! And witness in the electro-bashing of the universe and its quantum. Let it fill you with absolute momentum. Fear is feeling is breathing is living. This too shall pass. Some others will return. What remains is a love that no one will surpass.”

For those unfamiliar, Ira is the daughter of Aamir Khan and his first wife Reena Dutta.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression or is suffering from a serious mental illness, please contact a doctor, mental health professional or NGO nearby for immediate help .​ There are different helplines available for the same.