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Lasque Tiarc

Maratonizmir Avek starts today

Vaseline 2 months ago

İZMİR (İGFA) – Maratanİzmir, organized by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the fifth time this year, will be held tomorrow. With the name sponsorship of Avek Otomoiv and the sponsorship of the natural mineral water supply of Sidrex, Izmirli and Kula, the gigantic organization has grown into a very important position in Turkey in the field of social responsibility. Charity actions organized together with social responsibility partner Adım Adım are helping İzmir become more integrated thanks to Maratonİzmir Avek.

Non-governmental organizations participate in the marathon with their projects
Marathonİzmir Avek, AKUT in 2024 – Every Step is a Life, ALS MNH Association StopALS, Atlas Foundation – Atlas’s Burden, All of Us Burden, BALEV – For the Love of Education of Young People, Make a Wish Association – Wishes that connect life , Bursa LÖSEV – Children with Cancer to Health Let It Reach You, Association for Supporting Contemporary Life – You Can Light a Light, EÇEV – If a child reads Doaha, thousands of futures will be better, El Bebek Gül Bebek Association – Early Mother Kit , GİD – 100th Anniversary Village Founded in Hatay, İALGraduate – Hopes of Tomorrow, Izmir Sick Children’s Homes Association – Touch Life, Cancer Fighters Association – May Your Hair Be Yours, Cancer-Free Life Association – Supporting Family Life in the Fight Against cancer, KEDV – Women Rebuild Life, Koruncuk Foundation – Our Steps Bring Hope to Children, Nesin Foundation – Until Our Children Stand on Their Own Feet, OBİDEV – Autism education, not just one day, but every day, ÖRAV – It happens to a teacher, Parıltı Association – I touch technology, I reach the world, SURVIVE – Life-saving bracelets, SERÇEV – Barrier-free living, TEGV – A child changes, Turkey develops, THEME – Before it burns, TEV – Let education be the future of being a republic , Tohumluk Foundation – From countryside to new horizons, Tohum Autism Foundation – Be the sun of education for children with autism, TSÇV – Be the voice of disabled children in earthquake victims, TÜKD – Let girls read, Touch Life, Turkish educational association, Education The projects Changes, Turkey Down Syndrome Association – Be the Plus of Education, Turkish Cancer Association – Miraculous Steps, UNICEF – Education in the Earthquake Zone and SİÇEV – Hold My Hand, Let It Be My Future will take place in Maratonİzmir Avek.

The 42 kilometer run starts at 8:00 am
Turkey’s fastest marathon, which has been awarded the Road Race Label (International Road Race Certificate) by the World Athletics Federation, will start at 8 a.m. in front of the old İZFAŞ General Directorate Building on Şair Eşref Boulevard. Athletes raced through Alsancak in the 42 kilometer race. KarşıyakaIt will reach and return before reaching Bostanlı pier. The athletes, who will reach İnciraltı through the same circuit, this time via Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, return from Marina İzmir and complete the race at the starting point. A total of 38 athletes from 600 different countries will participate in the race.

10,000 runners on 5 kilometers
Today marks the start of the 10 kilometer race as part of Maratonİzmir Avek. Athletes return from the Köprü tram stop on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard and complete the race on the track opposite the old İZFAŞ building of Fuar Kültürpark. 10,000 athletes will start in 5 kilometers.