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How to quickly remove moss from your lawn without raking

Vaseline 2 months ago

Avid gardeners are raving about a ‘brilliant’ moss killer that doesn’t require hours of strenuous raking and will have your lawn looking lush and green in less than three weeks

Raking away dead moss can be a strenuous job (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Avid gardeners have praised a ‘brilliant’ hack to remove moss from your lawn without the hassle of raking it away.

It’s no secret that we’ve had a miserable winter, filled with relentless rain, rain and yes – more rain. As a result, you may have noticed patches of moss starting to grow on their lawns. Although not technically a weed, many British people dislike the look of moss and want to get rid of it. It is also a sign of poor drainage in your garden, so it is important to sort it.

Most killers work by killing the moss from the root, which means you have to spend hours raking it away. However, there is one holy grail product that will do all that work for you.

How to get rid of moss

On the Gardening UK Facebook page, which has more than 150,000 members, one woman desperately asked for a solution to her moss-covered garden that didn’t involve raking. Looking at the comments section it is clear that there was only one winner: Richard Jackson Flowe Power Moss Remover and Lawn Feeder.

“Richard Jacksons makes one that is brilliant,” said one user. “Soon after I used it, the moss disappeared from my lawn.” Another agreed, commenting: “I used Richard Jackson’s moss killer. It’s great and does the job without having to rake.”

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You can buy Richard Jackson Flower Power Moss Remover and Lawn Feeder from a wide range of online stores and garden centres. Amazon is currently selling a 5kg bag for £29.99, which can treat up to 100 square meters of grass. The popular product can also be purchased from QVC, where a bag of the same size costs just £19.92.

The moss killer, which has received hundreds of five-star reviews, works by “overfeeding” the moss, which starts to turn black after about 20 days. The granules contain a bacteria that will ‘eat’ the dying moss as your grass grows, meaning you don’t have to rake it away and risk staining your patio.

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