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Lasque Tiarc

Kate Beckinsale hints at stomach problems

Vaseline 3 months ago

After recently being released from hospital, Kate Beckinsale is slowly opening up about what got her there in the first place.

On Saturday, the actress hinted at her ongoing health issues when she posted on Instagram about her grieving process in light of the death of her stepfather Roy Battersby. Beckinsale urged her followers to “do all the things” as she mourned a loved one, listing everything from “wallow” and “cry” to “take a bath or two” and “cuddle an animal or seven” . She also suggested buying “gourmet cookies that you can’t eat because your stomach hurts,” adding, “Maybe eat them anyway.” Or not.’

The entry seemingly confirmed that her mysterious illness is related to her intestines, as did another recent post in which she wore a “Tummy Troubles Survivor” T-shirt. In a slideshow of photos shared to her grid, Beckinsale can be seen posing with her Pomeranian, Myf, wearing the graphic T-shirt with light-wash jeans, a sparkly belt and her signature oversized hair bow.

Kate Beckinsale Instagram

Last month, Beckinsale first sparked concerns about her health after sharing several teary-eyed photos of herself from a hospital bed. “Thank you to those who love us and support us when things are bad, and try to make sure there are some things that aren’t,” she wrote in the caption. “And when we are sick, come by and sit with us.” that the Coincidence The star was last seen publicly in February at the 2024 Netflix SAG Awards Celebration in Los Angeles.