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Lasque Tiarc

Jacob Markstrom’s comments at the end of the season cast more doubt on the Flames’ future

Vaseline 2 months ago

“Time will tell,” Conroy said when asked about Markstrom’s future, Valji said. “Marky explained where he was and I talked to him about where we were. It was cordial. It was good. He was a great professional.”

“Obviously I’m here now,” Markstrom repeated. ‘All that stuff couldn’t have happened. All the conversations and things like that that have been going on all season, starting in the beginning of the season all the way up to (trade) deadline day, pretty much couldn’t have happened and I was just focusing on hockey. I would have appreciated that, because of course I’m still here.”

Markstrom said after the transaction fell through that he thought management should have handled the situation better. And with Dan Vladar and Dustin Wolf both ready for the NHL, there could be an opportunity to give Markstrom a change of scenery as he plays out the final two years of the contract.

He has a no-movement clause and will have to give the green light to any possible transaction. But despite the difficult season, Markstrom made it clear that his relationship with the organization is not strained.

“I would say no. I love every player on the team. I love the coaching staff and the medical and strength and conditioning staff (staff) and trainers. This has been my home for four years and I have great relationships.”

A third straight playoff miss would be a disaster for this Flames team and would likely signal a retooling, if not a full rebuild. But whether or not Jacob Markstrom will be part of the team’s potential postseason plans should be one of the more interesting storylines of the coming months.