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Lasque Tiarc

The lack of adequate public toilets on the boulevard irritates residents

Vaseline 2 months ago

Considering the large number of tourists thronging Boulevard, residents are demanding construction of more public toilets and toilets in the area.

Tourists are urged to use the deserted places on the beach, the empty spaces and the grounds of dilapidated old buildings on the promenade to attend the call of nature. Residents near the beach and promenade say the habit of urinating in open places has led to an unhygienic situation in the area.

Hundreds of tourists gathering on the beach rely on the few toilets built near the Old Distillery and the Seagulls area. A bio-toilet behind the Kargil War Memorial has been abolished, as have the toilets built near the Calve College Government School.

Puducherry was declared open defecation free in 2018, but the absence of toilets in the Boulevard area has forced people to defecate in open places, said G. Mourougane, a resident of Boulevard.

“The area near the Kargil Memorial has become unhealthy and unhygienic as people use the area to relieve themselves. The two public toilets built on either side of the Beach Road are inadequate considering the number of tourists that gather on the Boulevard, especially on weekends. The lack of access to public toilets poses problems for women,” Mr Mourougane said.

SV Anand, director of IPONDY, a tourism guidance agency, said tourists thronging beaches often complain about access to toilets and public toilets. The lack of clean toilets in public places has become an urgent problem, he said.

“The lack of proper facilities poses a significant challenge, which detracts from the overall comfort of tourists. Introducing self-contained temporary toilets at key tourist sites can address this problem. By ensuring access to clean and convenient toilet facilities, the government can promote a cleaner and more inviting environment for tourists and residents alike,” he said.

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