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‘Miracle babies’ who met in the hospital just had a baby of their own

Vaseline 3 months ago

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These one-time lovebirds simply hit repeat.

A pair of lifelong friends who met as ‘miracle babies’ in a hospital ward have decided to keep the tradition alive by having a child together – born in the exact same place.

Jack Richardson and Bronwyn Tacey, both 29, were born prematurely in 1994 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham, England, at which point their families sought solace in their shared birth journey.

Richardson was born at 30 weeks, while Tacey arrived at 26 weeks.

“Jack was in intensive care. He was there for a year with numerous hospital appointments,” Tacey recalled to the South West News Service. “It was exciting to see whether we would both make it. It’s a complete miracle that we’re both here.”

“I was given growth hormone injections until I was 16 to make sure I wasn’t really deficient,” she added.

The two mothers bonded over their premature children.

As the children grew, their parents stayed in touch but drifted apart as the teens went to different schools and made different friends. Yet they were never too far from each other’s thoughts, remembering each other’s birthdays every year and making time to see each other sporadically as they pursued relationships.

Things sparked between them in October 2021 after Tacey posted a photo with a new face on social media.

“I (was pictured having) my hair done and he messaged me on Facebook,” she recalled. It didn’t take long for Richardson to broach the subject of dating.

Their courtship quickly showed that the couple was ‘a good fit’.

In June 2023, the couple realized they were expecting.

Richardson’s mother Helen Pickering said she “couldn’t quite believe it.”

The families kept in touch as Richardson and Tacey grew up. Bronwyn Tacey / SWNS
Jack Richardson and Bronwyn Tacey as toddlers in the mid-1990s. Bronwyn Tacey / SWNS

“It was just amazing. The first person he met is the person he had a baby with,” Pickering, 53, said.

With Richardson by her side, Tacey gave birth to their first child, their healthy daughter Sienna, in February 2023 at Queen’s Medical Center – the same hospital where they were born almost 30 years earlier.

Reflecting on their “strange” encounter, Tacey said she “doesn’t know anyone else or other relationships like that.”

What she does know is that it feels good.

Richardson and Tacey gave birth to their daughter in February 2023. Anita Maric / SWNS

“It’s a great collaboration. We are both best friends and partners. It’s the best of both worlds,” she explained. “We just understand each other, finish each other’s sentences. We know what each other is thinking before we say it.”

“It just feels very natural to be together.”

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