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Lasque Tiarc

Australian drivers are baffled by a little-known license plate – and the explanation may surprise you

Vaseline 2 months ago

A series of unusual license plates spotted on an Australian road have caused confusion among social media users.

A passing motorist posted a photo on Reddit of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which had a license plate not normally seen on local cars.

‘What’s with this sign? The sign on the front was the same, but white,” the Reddit user wrote.

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The photo of the rear of the car showed the four-wheel drive vehicle had a bright yellow license plate with bold letters and numbers reading ‘CP991’.

While some were surprised by the strange signs, many quickly revealed the surprising explanation.

“The car was imported from Honkers (Hong Kong) and has a HK license plate. It is perfectly legal to drive in Australia,” one person wrote.

The Reddit user shared this image of the car with unusual license plates. Credit: Reddit

“If a foreign car is imported for driving, it must also have an oval code in addition to the foreign license plate. Australian cars can be exported to drive outside Australia but must display an AUS oval in addition to the license plate.”

Another added: “And before anyone asks, yes, it is legal to temporarily import a car into Australia and drive it with number plates to its original destination – think driving holiday. “But it’s not cost-effective.”

Further investigation reveals that the car is owned by a Hong Kong driver who has become a social media sensation.

Jacky Mok – whose Instagram account is @nomadhongkongcar – is currently on a world tour with his car, traveling to more than 29 countries since 2021.

The car belongs to a driver from Hong Kong who travels around the world with his car. Credit: nomadhongkongcar/TikTok

“I’ve been following this crazy guy for a while. “Apparently some Hong Kongers have traveled around the world, including to Europe via China,” said one Reddit user.

Another wrote: “It’s a Hong Kong license plate, I saw this guy on Facebook. He drives around the world with this car. dream life.”

One added: “It’s from Hong Kong, it’s a couple traveling through Oz. “I met them in Tassie.”

News of the driver’s travels inspired others to do the same.

“I hope to ride the Kingswood around the world one day,” another Reddit user commented.

The social media user is currently driving around Australia. Credit: nomadhongkongcar/TikTok