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Ana Castilla responds sincerely to a fan’s joke, and the details are attention-grabbing; He looks

Vaseline 2 months ago

You really can’t handle a bullfight! Ana Castilla reacted sharply to a fan on Saturday (20) after she was attacked during her show. Details about the age range of the men she is interested in caught the public’s attention amid rumors that she and Gustavo Miotto were back together. The singer performed at Ribeirão Rodeo Music, the second stage of “Circuito Sertanejo”, in Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo.

While singing the song “Boiadeira”, which boosted her music career, Ana decided to communicate with her fans and eventually read a bold poster to the audience. Without doing anything about it, she was direct in her response to the viewer. “You’re old! Go away, boy! I love that it’s brand new.”he said jokingly, making the audience laugh.

Even the artist couldn’t contain her laughter at what was happening, and after a short while she explained who the “new guy” would be from her point of view. “26 years old, 27”, Delivered. This discovery, in turn, caused a stir in the minds of fans. Interestingly enough, 27 is the age of country singer Gustavo Miotto, Ana’s ex-boyfriend.

Watch the moment:

Ana Castilla and Miuto publicly announced in January this year that they are no longer together after they once again tried to continue their relationship. However, in April, speculation surfaced that they were back together when they were spotted together at a party. According to information from the Leo Dias portal, the artists met after recording the singer’s DVD in Londrina, Paraná.

Witnesses reported that the Frontera duo exchanged kisses on this occasion, leading to rumors of a possible reconciliation. But on the 18th of the same month, the Al Watan team denied the news in a statement. ‘They’re not together. They are no longer together.”He confirmed his assistance to CNN Brazil, without going into details.


Ana Castilla and Gustavo Miotto started dating in June 2023, but ended their relationship after three months. In October, the cowgirl confirmed in a post on Instagram that she and her compatriot had decided to get back together. However, the former couple confirmed their second split in January this year.

In the stories on his personal page, the voice of ‘Noso Quadro’ stated that there was no betrayal and no ‘axis’ of separation, and that they both simply agreed. “Different moments.” “Hey guys, out of respect for you guys who support me and my happiness, I came here to tell you that we are no longer a couple. Before you started talking there was no pivot, cheating, fighting or anything else bad, we’re just not at the same time. Gu is a man.” “Great, I will always admire him and I will be here to cheer him on in everything he does. That’s all I’ll say about it. Please respect this moment.”I wrote.

Ana Castilla and Gustavo Miotto ended their relationship for the second time in January this year (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

At that moment, Mewtwo also spoke. He expressed his regret about the end of the relationship and talked about it “Different Times and Desires” As a reason for divorce. “Hey guys, I’m not a social media user you know, but today I came here to tell you that he and I are no longer together. Same reasons, different times and different desires, unfortunately. Anna deserves happiness and all the good things life has to offer, and I will always support her. Don’t romanticize relationships or come up with crazy theories. Everything was resolved between us in a good way, and that’s all.He named.