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Lasque Tiarc

The mystery of the mass grave with 180 dead in the Gaza hospital

Vaseline 2 months ago

New complaint from the authorities Gaza. According to what was reported by Al Jazeerathe Palestinian Civil Defense announced that it had found it 180 bodies in a mass grave in the Nasser a medical complex Khan Younis, in the central part of the Strip. The IDF left the area on April 7, after four months of fighting.

According to Hamas, the discovery “confirms the extent of the crimes and activities atrocities committed by the Zionist occupying army.” Rescuers in the exclave said they had been found in recent days 210 bodies in hospital and two thousand people are still missing. The two main hospitals in the city, Amal and Nasser, are currently inactive due to the damage suffered during the operations of the Israeli army, which attacked the structures to flush out the terrorists who used them as a command center, mixing with civilians and staff . doctor. Once again, according to the Palestinian Civil Defense, a total of 400 bodies have been recovered between April 1 and today, and a mass grave containing a dozen bodies was also found near Al-Shifa Hospital.

The news has not been independently verified and it is not known whether the dead were buried by the IDF or by Hamas itself. Moreover, it is also unknown whether the people buried in the hospital belonged to the terrorist organization. Al Jazeera is known as a media outlet aligned with the Palestinian cause, so the information reported may not have been thoroughly vetted.

It wouldn’t be the first time since the conflict started. The most notable case was that of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, where a defective Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket killed several dozen people in October. Initially, the international media and several countries accused Israel of bombing and provoking the compound 500 dead. Audio and video published by the IDF subsequently relieved the Jewish State’s armed forces.

Hamas’s use of hospitals and ambulances was verified during the interrogations of the organization’s militia members and officers captured in the Gaza Strip. In addition, Tel Aviv soldiers found weapons, uniforms and computers with intelligence material inside the buildings.

Furthermore, numerous tunnels have been dug under the structures where the terrorists hid and probably also held the hostages for a certain period of time.