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Lasque Tiarc

Saint-Lazare returns with its ecological landscape competition

Vaseline 2 months ago

The Comité consultatif sur l’environnement (CCE) and Ville de Saint-Lazare invite you to participate in the second edition of the Pollinator gardenecological landscaping competition.

The competition, which runs from June 15 to August 11, is part of a vision to beautify the city while encouraging citizens to use their creativity and imagination to create ecological landscapes that are better adapted to natural conditions and that generally require less water and maintenance.

Gift certificates redeemable at local merchants will be awarded to participants whose landscaping achieves the top 3 scores, or who is selected for the “Coup de coeur” price.

“Our ecological landscaping contributes to local biodiversity, provides nectar and pollen for pollinating insects, reduces water use and reduces maintenance and noise pollution from lawn mowers. To avoid a traditional lawn, we have planted a variety of native and perennial flowers. We see butterflies, birds, bees, insects, dragonflies, hares, etc.” Nancy Roy, the citizen who took 2nd place in 2023.

“Our terrain is sandy and hilly. The grass required a lot of water and maintenance. We replaced it with a variety of ground covers such as thyme (various types and colors), moss, phlox, aubriet, lavender, fescue, mulberry, blueberry, etc.” says Brigitte Rioux (3rd place in 2023).

The proposed ecological landscaping must be located on private land within the city and visible from the street. It should be planted directly in the ground and should include a variety of perennial, native and hardy species.

The landscaping should also include a diversity of plants: honey-bearing, aromatic, edible and xerophilous, include a variety of species of all shapes and sizes: ground covers, shrubs, small or large trees, small or large fruit bushes, be free from all chemical fertilizers and pesticides and integrating ecological solutions to retain moisture.

Please note that landscapes that won one of the top three prizes in the first edition of the competition are not eligible.

Anyone who enters the competition can obtain a free competition poster from the Department of Environmental Services to install in their ecological landscaping. All you have to do is answer yes to the online questionnaire.

Visit the Ville de Saint-Lazare website for more information. Registration opens on June 15.