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Lasque Tiarc

All ranks and how to rise

Vaseline 2 months ago

Tekken 8 has only been out for almost three months and the community is already super competitive. With EVO Japan 2024 just around the corner, aspiring Tekken competitors may want to brush up on their ranked knowledge. While a player’s rank has no bearing on actual competition, it is preferable to have a decent rank before moving to the major leagues.

That said, here’s a complete guide on every Tekken 8 rank and how to climb the ladder efficiently.

Is Tekken 8 mode suitable for beginners?

Over the years, Tekken has been widely considered one of the most difficult fighting games to play. The fast and brutal gameplay is not beginner friendly at all. Tekken pros and seasoned veterans of the game rely heavily on juggling their opponents in an attempt to take them down before their opponent can react.

With that in mind, casuals tend to shy away from the competitive nature of the franchise. While Tekken became a couch party staple for many casual gamers, you rarely see them participating in competitive play.

However, Bandai Namco changed the landscape for players in Tekken 8 and made it somewhat more beginner-friendly. In Tekken 7, online players fought their way through 37 ranks to reach the top. This time, the eighth episode only has 30 ranks. Bandai removed the Kyu ranks and the majority of the Dan ranks. This is to give casuals a more forgiving experience in online ranked mode.

It is true that many beginners and casuals are slowly gaining the courage to take on the competitive landscape in Tekken 8. A plethora of Reddit users discussed and shared their experiences with the game being beginner-friendly. Given how Bandai Namco has made the game easier to learn, Tekken 8 now appeals to a wider audience.

How to get a higher rank

Since ranked mode is suitable for more inexperienced players, it is essential to learn the basics of leveling up in the game. Fortunately, climbing the ladder is not as complicated as it seems. Basically, winning games will earn you points, while losing will deduct points. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

While the goal of moving up is to earn points by winning matches, there are ways to do this effectively. Keep in mind that players will earn fewer points when facing lower-ranked opponents. Meanwhile, defeating higher-ranked opponents earns more points.

With that in mind, competing in high-ranked matchups is ideal. The idea of ​​it may be frightening to some, but this is an effective method to further hone your fighting skills. On the plus side, losing against higher ranked opponents is more forgiving. Players lose fewer points against stronger opponents. This means that players don’t have to fear the idea of ​​taking on better fighters.

It is worth noting that players do not lose points until they reach the rank of Warrior. This means that players can go full throttle in the ranks sooner and get the feeling of playing competitively.

All Tekken 8 ranks

As previously mentioned, there are a total of 30 ranks in Tekken 8. Here’s a full breakdown of all the ranks and how many points players need to reach certain levels:

  • Beginner – 0 points
  • 1st Dan – 400 points
  • 2nd Dan – 1,000 points
  • Fighter – 1,600 points
  • Strategist – 2,600 points
  • Warrior – 3,400 points
  • Brawler – 4,200 points
  • Ranger – 5,400 points
  • Cavalry – 6,400 points
  • Warrior – 7,400 points
  • Attacker – 9,200 points
  • Dominator – 10,800 points
  • Victor – 12,400 points
  • Destroyer – 14,700 points
  • Eliminator – 16,600 points
  • Garyu – 18,500 points
  • Shinryu – 23,100 points
  • Tenryu – 27,300 points
  • Mighty Ruler – 31,500 points
  • Flame Ruler – 36,500 points
  • Battle Ruler – 41,100 points
  • Fujin – 45,700 points
  • Raijin – 52,300 points
  • Kishin – 58,500 points
  • Bushin – 64,700 points
  • Tekken King – 70,900 points
  • Tekken Emperor – 79,100 points
  • Tekken God – 87,900 points
  • Tekken God Supreme – 97,300 points
  • God of Destruction – 109,700 points

It may seem a little intimidating at first for newbies, but keep in mind that Bandai Namco has reduced the grind. Once newer players get the hang of Tekken 8, from beginner to cavalry, moving up from Warrior shouldn’t be as intimidating as it seems.

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