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Lasque Tiarc

This free course can help you turn your garden into a natural wonderland

Vaseline 3 months ago

If you’re free on April 24, unleash your inner eco-warrior on a free Gardening for Biodiversity and Climate Action course, organized by Cork City Council.

Led by brilliant horticulturist and environmentalist Aoife Munn, this course will cover all the cool stuff, from plants that are low maintenance but brilliant for wildlife, to growing your own food (fruit, veg, the whole crop) and becoming more food secure (because who doesn’t love fresh, homegrown goodness?)

There will also be a lesson in how to handle rainwater like a pro and recharge your soil. Participants also learn everything about reducing waste and composting.

The course takes place at the Glen Resource Center from 10am to 4pm and is perfect for anyone who wants to boost biodiversity in their garden, help tackle climate change and build a more sustainable cork.

Whether you’re part of a Tidy Towns group, a (Wo)Men’s Shed crew, an eco-warrior in the making, or just an ordinary Corkonian who wants to make a difference, the course is open to everyone.

Please note: there will be a mix of indoor and outdoor learning, so comfortable shoes are a must. You can register here.