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Very Dark Man ends up in a hospital after being in a car accident

Vaseline 2 months ago

  • Verydarkman revealed that he was in a car accident after noticing three men on a motorcycle suspiciously spying on him.
  • On his Instagram page, he revealed that he went from best man at a friend’s wedding to a hospital.

Social media activist Verydarkman expresses his fear for the world after ending up in hospital following a car accident.

On his Instagram account, Verydarkman talks about the astonishing turn his life has taken. He talks about his moment of happiness as a groomsman at a friend’s wedding, until the moment he arrived at a hospital.

He reveals the harrowing details of the car accident that left him thinking deeply.

“I went from best man at a wedding to landing in hospital, three men on a power bike came to spy on me suspiciously”he revealed.

One in response Princess Ghomsy wrote: ‘Eya thank god 4 lyf

Wonderful wrote: ‘Hope he’s doing well

Riribest wrote: ‘He never saw anything

Lambo truck wrote: ‘Everything is meant for him, let him try to stay small

Bobby Valentino wrote: ‘He talks a lot. They want to show him lol

Holy wrote: ‘No one came to spy on him. Waste

His royal flightiness wrote: “This man loves attention. He thinks he is what he is not.”

In other news, Verydarkman is calling out Reno Omokri for allegedly trying to suppress his brother’s r@pe cause.

The case in question involves a pastor, said to be Reno Omokri’s brother, who is accused of assaulting a fifteen-year-old girl in his church.

Verydarkman revealed that he was informed of the incident in April 2023 through an emergency call from a friend.

The girl’s mother is said to have taken the case to court this year, after hiding it from the father for a while.

After waiting for the parents to say something, Verydarkman decided to take action as soon as the girl’s father came forward.

He alleged that Reno Omokri tried to cover up the matter and suggested that the judges involved may have been influenced.

Additionally, Verydarkman brought up Reno Omokri’s previous social media post about his daughter, suggesting a connection to the ongoing controversy.