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Lasque Tiarc

Dallas police investigate fatal stabbing near Loop 12

Vaseline 2 months ago

Dallas police say an investigation is underway following a stabbing that left one man dead in north Dallas on Friday.

Officers responded to a call about a stabbing in the 5800 block of Ridgecrest Rd, just northeast of the intersection of US 75 and Loop 12 in Councilmember Gay Donnell Willis’ District 13, around 3:10 p.m.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that when officers arrived, they found 53-year-old Biong Deng Kual unresponsive at the location,” DPD said in a department blog post.

First responders from Dallas Fire-Rescue arrived on scene and transported Kual to a local hospital. He died of his injuries. DPD noted that the case will be referred to a grand jury.

“This was done on the side of a church where there is a lot of gathering and drinking on a daily basis,” social media user Dennis Taylor alleged, in a comment on a Facebook post about the stabbing published by Fox 4 KDFW.

According to the City of Dallas Crime Analysis Dashboard, as of April 19, there have been 63 homicides in Dallas this year. Last year saw an approximately 15% increase in criminal homicides compared to 2022, as Dallas continues to face a significant police shortage. .

DPD has been understaffed for several years, employing only about 3,000 officers, even though a city report previously recommended that a force of about 4,000 is necessary to properly meet public safety needs and reduce long police response times.

Related to this, city officials have budgeted just $654 for DPD this fiscal year, choosing to spend far less taxpayer money on public safety than high-crime jurisdictions such as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

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