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Lasque Tiarc

Kenny Omega praises wrestling on soft ground

Vaseline 2 months ago

Soft Ground Wrestling, a promotion based in Uganda, has gained popularity online, with former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega claiming to be a fan.

SGW’s video clips have gone viral on Twitter and recently received support from former WWE superstars Mace and Mansoor.

During a recent Twitch stream, Omega expressed his fandom for the Ugandan wrestling promotion. He said,

“Yes. Yes, I think we all are. SGW Uganda, one thing I really like and appreciate is that when you look at it you can feel the heart of the athletes. It is contagious to see the passion of these people and the passion of their work. Even in the most rudimentary ways they struggle on a dirt ring. It looks like bamboo poles. Visually there are ropes, but I don’t think you can make them walk they’re trying to do a professional wrestling show in there.

SGW was founded on March 16, 2023 by a passionate local resident, Daniel Bumba, who had a vision to train aspiring wrestlers. Since then, the school has made remarkable progress, training more than 180 students and capturing the attention of the wrestling community around the world.

The event gained international recognition when Will Ospreay and Jordynne Grace generously donated to a GoFundMe fundraiser aimed at providing the school with a standard wrestling ring and additional corporate funds.

Omega added: “I think they’re doing a great job entertaining the fans. They’re clearly doing a great job entertaining people online. It’s actually quite impressive that a promotion with small beginnings and humble beginnings has been able to attract so much attention around the world. As you saw, a few people from WWE visited recently. AEW alumni CIMA took his STRONGHEARTS there. This place is gaining traction. I think that’s wonderful. It is cool. It would be great to test their athletes or go out there ourselves.”