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Lasque Tiarc

A kosher pizzeria opens in Midwood

Vaseline 2 months ago

A new pizzeria in Midwood opened its doors last Sunday to serve all Brooklyn residents.

What makes “Florencia” unique is that it has a kosher menu and offerings gluten free options. Kosher eating follows Jewish dietary standards, separating meat and dairy products.

“We have a huge variety,” Yossef Azizo told News 12. “We have over 30 different cake toppings every day. We have a full kitchen menu. We have ceviche, pasta, salads, fries, snacks. We have a very large menu and we do catering.”

Azizo told News 12 this is one of many chain restaurants he has in Brooklyn and across the tri-state, and he is excited to continue spreading his passion in Midwood. He even placed a “mezuzah,” a Jewish scripture, rolled up to hang on the wall, in his restaurant to protect it at all times.