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Lasque Tiarc

The master plan developed by TCL comes to life in the Adelaide Park

Vaseline 2 months ago

TCL’s vision is nearing realization as construction company CATCON continues to revitalize the park through the landscape studio’s detailed master plan.

The masterplan, which was adopted by Adelaide City Council in 2022, aims to improve the lake and its surroundings, create an inclusive play space, enhance existing event spaces and create new ones, improve entrances and pathways, enhance the landscape character and to enhance features of the park and become a place of reflection.

Construction began in 2023, with work focusing on the redesign of the lake, which is now filled with rainwater collected from Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi. Self-cleaning rain gardens have also been introduced.

New weirs and paths have also been constructed. The project is a joint effort between TCL, DesignFlow, FMG Engineering and CATCON on behalf of Adelaide City Council.

When the site is completed, it will become a park for visitors of all levels, accessible day and night, thanks to new lighting installations. The park upgrade may have been achieved through Council funding and the Open Space Grant programme.

The park is expected to be completed later this year.