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Lasque Tiarc

UHAS vice-chancellor encourages young women to embrace volunteering for self-development

Vaseline 2 months ago

Professor Lydia Aziator, Vice Chancellor of UHAS.

During a recent roundtable discussion entitled ‘Ghana Grows’ organized by the Springboard Road Show Foundation in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, Professor Lydia Aziator, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Health and Allied Sciences, delivered an inspiring message encouraging young women encouraged the art of volunteer work as a path to self-development.

Professor Aziator, who has the distinction of being the first Ghanaian nurse to reach the rank of professor and the first in the West Africa sub-region, emphasized the crucial role of volunteerism in personal growth and empowerment.

Based on her life journey, she emphasized the importance of building networks and collaborations as essential components for individual upliftment.

During her speech on women empowerment, Professor Aziator shared insights from her childhood to her remarkable achievement as a professor. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for ambitious young women looking to find their way to success.

Professor Aziator spoke passionately about the importance of volunteering and underlined its transformative potential in building skills, expanding networks and fostering a sense of community involvement. She emphasized that volunteering not only benefits others but also contributes significantly to one’s personal and professional development.

Professor Aziator acknowledged the challenges women face in various areas of life and urged them to seize opportunities for self-improvement and advancement. She emphasized the need for young women to actively participate in volunteer activities, which will not only enrich their lives but also enable them to make positive contributions to society.

The roundtable, facilitated by the Springboard Road Show Foundation and supported by the Mastercard Foundation, provided a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on relevant issues relating to women’s empowerment and leadership development.

As the first Ghanaian nurse to reach the prestigious rank of professor and a pioneer in the West African academic landscape, Professor Lydia Aziator continues to inspire and empower women through her exemplary leadership and advocacy for volunteerism and self-development.

Her message resonates strongly with young women who strive to pave their way to success in a dynamic and evolving world.

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