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UP bizman pushes man from hotel terrace after argument

Vaseline 3 months ago

Bareilly, April 22 A businessman was caught on camera pushing a man from the terrace of a five-star hotel in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh after the latter had an argument with his son, police said.

The victim Sarthak Agrawal – also a businessman – has been admitted to a medical college in a critical condition.

The shocking incident took place on Sunday and was captured on a CCTV camera installed at the hotel in Bareilly.

In one of the images, the victim can be seen touching the suspect’s feet just before he was thrown from the terrace.

According to reports, the victim had gone to the hotel to attend the party with his friends, including Ridim Arora, whose father threw Agrawal off the terrace.

Shortly afterwards, an argument broke out between them which escalated into a physical fight. Ridim then called his father Sanjeev Arora, a textile businessman, to the scene.

Footage shows a heated argument between the two groups before Sanjeev Arora enters the picture. Agrawal was seen touching his feet after which Arora grabbed him by the collar, slapped him and then pushed him off the hotel terrace.

He doesn’t stop there and turns to a man standing next to him and beats him up.

Sarthak Agrawal’s father Sanjay Agrawal has denied any connection with the suspect, saying, “Neither my son nor I have any idea who these people are.”

An FIR filed shows that the suspects were drunk and attacked the victim without any provocation.

A case of assault causing serious harm has been registered in connection with the incident.

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