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How £250,000 supercars belonging to Dubai’s ultra-rich are lost to floods

Vaseline 2 months ago

SUPERCARS worth £250,000 owned by Dubai’s ultra-rich are being lost in the apocalyptic flood that has hit the glitzy desert hard.

Heavy rains flooded the entire city, bringing roads and businesses to a standstill.

A shiny red Ferrari was seen underwater after the apocalyptic rain
An expensive Mercedes-Maybach GLS stranded after the heavy floodsCredit: Reuters
Dozens of cars were left on the streets after being filled with water
The moment a £2million Pagani Utopia plowed through Dubai’s floods after roads were completely submerged

In Dubai, a year’s worth of rainfall fell in just 24 hours, leaving the city woefully unprepared in terms of infrastructure and flood prevention systems.

Overwhelmed by the amount of water, the glitzy desert suffered unprecedented levels of flooding, leaving everything submerged.

Shocking photos previously showed dozens of cars abandoned after being filled with water.

Even cars owned by Dubai’s ultra-wealthy people were badly affected – and pictures showed expensive motorbikes like Ferarri worth £250,000 lost to floods.

Luxury stores like Chanel and Dior were also hit, leaving the city’s elites groaning.

Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury painted a picture of the apocalyptic conditions in the city.

She told the Mail: “When you see the water flowing like (water from) taps in all the luxury stores – Chanel, Dior, they’re all affected

“The cars, sports cars, floating through the streets, you realize how bad it was.”

Meanwhile, dramatic footage captured the moment a £2million Pagani Utopia plowed through Dubai’s floods after roads were completely submerged.

The video showed the hypercar carefully braving the recent floods as the glitzy Arab city was brought to a standstill.

Flooded Dubai paralyzed by a year’s worth of rain in 24 hours as city denies cloud seeding to control weather

There is speculation that the devastating deluge could end up costing the glitzy city $1 billion to clean up after the ‘apocalyptic’ floods.

What caused the heavy rain in Dubai?

A deluge of rain inundated Dubai on Tuesday, killing at least one person and causing major disruptions at the world’s busiest airport.

The true cause of the heavy rainfall is not yet known, but some have theorized that it could be the result of cloud seeding.

According to AP, cloud seeding is being carried out in the UAE to boost the desert country’s dwindling and limited groundwater supply.

The weather modification technique involves small planes flying through clouds while burning special salt torches that can increase precipitation.

Meteorologists from the National Center for Meteorology said they had made six or seven cloud-seeding flights before the rain started, according to reports.

And flight tracking data analyzed by the AP reportedly showed that one plane involved in the UAE’s cloud-seeding effort flew through the country on Sunday.

A lack of drainage on roads and in other parts of the UAE – due to irregular rainfall – is believed to have worsened the flooding.

Meanwhile, Dubai has had to deny that heavy rain fell due to cloud cover.

The United Arab Emirates has relied on the cloud seeding phenomenon for decades.

Cloud Seeding tries to manipulate the weather to bring more rain and make Dubai a more livable place.

Cloud Seeding typically involves the government flying small planes through clouds, which burn salt flares that can increase precipitation.

The UAE’s National Center for Meteorology (NCM) also claimed that several specialized cloud-seeding fighter jets flew around in the days leading up to the floods.

According to Bloomberg, NCM admitted that the placement took place on Sunday and Monday, but denied that this happened on Tuesday.

Omar AlYazeedi, deputy director general of the NCM, said the agency “did not carry out any deployment operations during this event.”

Record-breaking floods

In particular, the torrential rains and flooding in Dubai have inundated an airport, inundated shopping centers and train stations and left Dubai paralyzed with one death.

It was the heaviest rain on record and wiped out the millionaire’s playground.

Planes were seen swimming in floodwaters at the world’s busiest airport, Dubai International, as flights were diverted yesterday afternoon and evening.

Dramatic photos and videos showed flooded shopping centers and busy roads that resembled rushing rivers littered with stationary cars.

People trudged through ankle-deep water in a subway station and along roads as they tried to push their flooded cars to higher ground.

According to state news agency WAM, it is a historic weather event, bigger than ever before in Dubai, where data collection began in 1949.

Twenty-one outbound and 24 inbound flights were canceled at Dubai International Airport (DXB) on Tuesday, while many other flights were diverted to neighboring airports.

DXB continued to be hit hard on Wednesday due to “very challenging conditions”.

As of Friday morning, they are still running a limited service.

By the end of Tuesday, Dubai had been soaked with 17.59 centimeters of rain in just 24 hours.

Schools in the UAE were largely closed yesterday and government employees and other employees were urged to work remotely if possible – both on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.

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Tanker trucks worked in the streets and highways to pump out water as floodwaters reached people’s homes and forced them outside.

Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury in Dubai floods
Cars in residential areas remained surrounded by deep water
The severe weather forced people to push their cars to higher ground
A subway station was seen filling up with water
Operations at Dubai’s main airport have been severely halted