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Mounts Club: Mounts Club, Jsc Boys Are the Boss | Bengaluru News

Vaseline 2 months ago

Bengaluru: JSC boys and Mounts Club girls moved closer to the title with double wins in the semi-finals of the State junior (U-18) basketball championships at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium courts on Sunday. JSC boys first defeated Beagles BC in a thriller at 72-70 and then defeated IBBC in another exciting match at 67-61. Rohit and Abhir were the architects of their victories. In the girls section, Mounts Club first defeated DYES, Mysuru 64-50 and then defeated JSC 79-50. Aadhya and Sanjana were the top scorers in both Mounts’ wins. Results (Semi-final): Boys: JSC 72 (Rohit 32, Abhir 21, Sarthak 10) bt Beagles BC 70 (Dhanush 22, Harshan 17, Sankirth 16) HT : 37-31; PPC 55 (Varun 17, Aditya 12, Aryaman 10) bt IBBC 28 (Samarth 10) HT: 30-11; JSC 67 (Rohit 29, Abhir 24) bt IBBC 61 (Allen 19, Anirudh 14) HT: 29-38; Beagles BC 49 (Dhanush 18, Harshan 15) bt PPC 48 (Tejaswin 15, Varun 11) HT: 24-24. Girls: Mounts Club 64 (Nidhi 24, Nilaaya 17, Taarushee 9) bt DYES Mysuru 50 (Yashaswini 18, Rakshitha 16, Kusuma 6) HT: 30-24; Bangalore Vanguards 71 ​​(Tisha 23, Aditi 19) bt JSC 43 (Sanjana 16, Aadhya 15) HT: 33-33; Mounts Club 79 (Nidhi 22, Taarushee 14, Nilaaya 10) bt JSC 50 (Aadhya 21, Sanjana 12) HT: 51-30; COLORS Mysuru 62 (Yashaswini 21, Sanika 14) bt Bangalore Vanguards 54 (Tisha 20, Aditi 19) HT: 26-24.

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