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Lasque Tiarc

Tora finds a special kind of love

Vaseline 3 months ago

Tora, which was featured last November, has found a home with Risako Uegaki and her husband, Takuma. Uegaki volunteers at the ARK shelter a few times a month and says meeting Tora was “love at first sight.”

However, Uegaki did not dare to adopt. The Osaka couple already had another cat, and they “were confident he would find a home soon.” However, when Uegaki learned that Tora had advanced cancer, she raised her hand to adopt.

“I wanted him to spend the remaining days as part of our family,” Uegaki says.

Despite coming from ARK shelters and his serious condition, Tora immediately went to his new home.

“He started exploring from day one, but was quite reserved the first week,” says Uegaki. “I thought he was easy-going, but he became pickier about his food. We have tried many different brands, but it is fine because our other cat will eat what he does not eat.”

Tora has another preference: watching videos.

“I noticed that when I watched videos on my phone or tablet, he would stand behind me and watch too,” she says. “I was surprised at first, but now it’s part of our routine to curl up together and watch videos before going to bed.”

Uegaki, a freelance web designer who works from home, says Tora likes to oversee her work from his special spot on the bed.

“I admit, I do take longer breaks so I can play with him,” she says. “I feel really blessed to have him. And I am very grateful to ARK for loving him before I did.”