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Lasque Tiarc

About the Crown & Anchor demolition plan and more

Vaseline 2 months ago

Commentary on the story: Cranker will be demolished, except for the facade under the apartment plan

There is a housing shortage and yet we continue to build towers for foreign students.

North Tce, our ‘cultural boulevard’, is already lined with high-rise student housing (dog boxes) and there are other towers housing many hundreds more, spread across the city.

However, there are very few affordable rental properties for long-term residents/citizens.

Now we are about to lose another great pub; the Tivoli, Newmarket, Ed Castle, Hotel Wright St and Kings Head have already closed. The city becomes ‘unliveable’. It is now a place for property developers, the wealthy, tourists and those who can afford to buy a foreign education.

There is no place for the working or middle class to live, and those on benefits end up on the streets. Losing the Cranker will be another blow; an iconic pub destroyed to benefit a few and deprive many of social connections and cheap entertainment. It’s money versus joy. – Sue McKay

Approval for this ugly dark bunker of a building is not allowed.

Apart from the heritage and cultural aspect of this issue, city planners must take into account the surrounding visual aspects so that the overall harmony of design and culture is respected in all developments and buildings. The ugly hodgepodge of buildings on North Terrace is a good example of this. – Irma Denk

How come this happens all the time? Build it somewhere else! – Patrick O’Sullivan

Isn’t it possible to come up with a really exciting piece of architecture?

Adelaide’s architecture is going from bad to worse, and this looks more like a mouth full of rotting teeth. – Michael Penck

Are the state and local governments happy that our beautiful city is turning into a Hong Kong? We must preserve our heritage. –Ivan Lloyd

In response to the story: Orange light speed warning for SA drivers

I understand the need to reduce speed past emergency vehicles. I’m sure we’ve all driven along country roads when police have been stopped with flashing lights, and we’ve seen the dangerous chaos that results from cars suddenly slowing from 60 or 70 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour. hour to avoid being fined for speeding.

In other states the limit is 25 mph, which is still dangerous for drivers, but not nearly as dangerous as driving slowly. Why are we the ‘slow’ state? – Robert Beaumont