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GCW How High Results: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Joey Janela – POST Wrestling

Vaseline 2 months ago

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: How High 2024
Los Angeles, California 
April 20, 2024

Happy 4-20 to all who celebrate!

Scramble Match: Brayden Toon vs. Hunter Drake vs. Mr. Danger vs. Eli Everfly vs. Jordan Cruz vs. Rico Gonzalez vs. Bohdi Young Prodigy

Everyone eliminated Toon with a boot. Prodigy and Danger remained in the ring, executing some high-flying spots. Danger concluded with a big flipping senton and a springboard leg drop, nearly securing the pinfall. Drake made his return, delivering a double jump moonsault that took out Danger. However, Toon reentered the ring, hitting him with a leg drop and a head kick. Toon followed up with a standing shooting star press but was swiftly taken out by Eli Everyfly. Fly found himself on Toon’s shoulders but countered with a big cutter, eliminating Toon. Prodigy engaged in some rope work, executing a big arm drag on Fly. Cruz utilized his power advantage, delivering a backbreaker to Prodigy. Toon returned, only to fall victim to a German Suplex from Cruz. Rico entered the ring, attempting to bring down the big man, but was quickly leveled by a back elbow. Rico retaliated with his back elbow and a powerbomb on Cruz, earning a two-count. Prodigy launched a big twisting press to the floor, wiping out everyone. Not to be outdone, Toon and Drake took flight, joined by Mr. Danger, who executed a springboard 450. Cruz executed a brutal combination neckbreaker on Bohdi but was unable to capitalize as Eli took him down with a big head scissors. Eli tried another head scissors on Cruz, but Cruz caught him and powerbombed him over the top rope. Cruz then dove onto everyone for good measure. Two door bridges were set up in the ring. Toon was sent through one by Cruz, while Rico was slammed through the other with a big Spanish fly. Eli delivered a butterfly piledriver on Drake, and Danger climbed the top rope for a 450 on Eli, securing the victory.

Mr. Danger wins the Scramble 

Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. The Stoner Bros

EFFY is on probation, so he had to avoid all of the weed smoke that occurred during this match. Scott Stoner and Katch started the match off. Stoner blew smoke in Katch’s face, causing her to start laughing. She was completely zooted. After a collar and elbow tie-up, Katch was pushed off by Stoner, but she seemed okay with it and gave EFFY finger guns. Katch attempted a drop-down leapfrog, duck-the-line combo, but they were moving in slow motion due to the terpenes she ingested. Accidentally, Katch kicked Stoner in the balls as she distracted him with her laughter. EFFY called for a DDT, and Katch obliged, getting a close two-count. Katch was caught with a big powerslam from Stoner, who then made the tag to his partner, picking up where his brother left off and rag-dolling Katch across the ring. Katch tagged EFFY, who ran wild, hitting Scott Rick with a double atomic drop followed by stereo hip attacks. A big low crossbody from Katch and an ode to Tenta from EFFY nearly secured the pinfall. Scott Rick pushed EFFY to the apron but was caught in a Tarantula and then clotheslined by Scott Rick, who made the tag to his partner. Rick Scott, no relation to that creepy alien-headed Confederate Senator from Florida, unleashed a series of chops and some tag team offense for a near fall. EFFY was thrown into the corner and met with a couple of right hands from Rick Scott. Scott rushed in and ate a boot from EFFY, who hit him with the “Under the Rainbow” and a blockbuster for a count of two. Katch tagged herself back into the match, coming off the top rope with a double axe handle and then transitioning into her standard running hip attack cannonball combination for a near fall. The Stoner bros executed a powerbomb into a German suplex. EFFY attempted a double blockbuster, which was blocked, so he resorted to a desperation double clothesline. Rick Scott found himself on the top rope, and Katch almost powerbombed him, but he was too heavy for her to fully lift. This distraction led to EFFY coming off the top rope with a “Sack Ryder” to win the match.

BUSSY Defeated The Stoner Bros

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Lio Rush 

Lio performed his misdirection spot, but he was caught with a big kick to the chest from Oliver as they both collected themselves in the corner. Jordan faked him out with a chop, which angered Lio. Dodging some more offense, Lio landed a kick to Oliver’s head. Oliver retaliated with an axe kick, which Lio kicked out of at 1. Lio responded with a kick of his own, earning a 1 count. Lio caught Oliver in a sleeper hold in the center of the ring, but Oliver worked his way to the ropes, breaking the hold by driving Lio back first into the turnbuckle. They both got back to their feet, and Oliver punched Lio in the head a couple of times, followed by a series of chops. So far, Oliver had a response and counter to everything Lio threw at him. Oliver attempted an Acid Bomb, but Lio reversed it, only to run into a boot. Oliver spilled to the floor and was taken out by Lio, who shot himself out of the ring with two big topes. Oliver was rolled back into the ring and hit with a stunner, but it still wasn’t enough to put him away. Lio was caught with a top-rope kick followed by the Acid Bomb, but Lio kicked out at two. Oliver attempted an Acid Kick, but Lio took him down with a clothesline. Oliver popped back up with a German Suplex followed by an Acid Kick. Lio turned Oliver inside out with a neckbreaker variation, but it still wasn’t enough to put Oliver away. Clutching his midsection, Lio went to the floor and retrieved black food dye from under the ring, indulging in his self-indulgent acting. Returning to the ring and climbing the top rope, Lio then went back into the ring with the black goop coming out of his mouth. This led to nothing except crushing the momentum of the match, and Oliver secured a roll-up victory. Enough of this childish high school drama acting; it’s embarrassing and a waste of everyone’s time. Oliver once again put on an incredible showing. Since starting to write GCW reports, Jordan’s growth as a wrestler has been one of the most rewarding and satisfying things to watch. It’s only a matter of time until he is scooped up by a major company.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Lio Rush 

Tag Team Match: Shane Mercer and Kerry Morton vs. Ruckus and Grim Reefer 

Morton cut a promo on all the drug users in the building. Reefer offered him a joint, and he broke it—a cardinal sin. Reefer hit Kerry with a dropkick, sending him to the floor, and Mercer ended up on the floor as well. Ruckus hit a baseball slide dropkick onto Mercer and Morton. Reefer lit up his joint and performed his flip dive to the floor. He continued puffing on that joint as Ruckus hit a handspring splash on the floor with a blunt of his own. Morton took the joint out of Reefer’s mouth and threw it into the crowd. Mercer and Morton took over; Mercer used his power advantage to beat down of Reefer in their corner. Kerry is a really underrated entertaining wrestler. He has such a punchable face that you can’t help but boo him. I’m a big fan of his work, and he’s always a highlight on the GCW shows because he adds something different, in a Cardona-type way. Morton and Mercer stomped away on Reefer. Ruckus came to his partner’s aid but was pried off by referee Dan Perch. Morton kept getting in Dan’s face, claiming he was counting too slowly. Reefer made the hot tag to Ruckus, who hit the afterburner on Morton, followed by the Money Clip on Mercer. Morton was sent flying with a big back body drop, followed by the Razzle Dazzle and a top rope moonsault leg drop for a two count. Morton hit Ruckus low, Reefer was hit with the Moonsault and Battery from Mercer. Dan Perch tried to lay down the law regarding low blows. Kerry threw Morton in the corner and turned his back, and Dan Perch fired up, hitting Morton with a series of chops. He ducked a Morton clothesline, Morton ate a kick from Ruckus, but Mercer tossed Ruckus over his head like a rag doll. Kerry held Ruckus in position for a lariat, but Ruckus broke free as Mercer connected with Morton. Mercer was pulled to the floor by Reefer, and Ruckus came off the second with a Moonsault for the victory. This was an extremely entertaining match, and it was awesome to see Dan Perch get some shine. He is one of the hardest-working behind-the-scenes people, and he always has a smile on his face. I feel like he’s too nice to be in the wrestling business, but at the same time, the business needs more people like Dan Perch. See Lio, that’s how you do entertainment.

Ruckus and Grim Reefer Defeated Shane Mercer and Kerry Morton

Singles Match: Broski Jimmy vs. Jack Cartwheel

Cartwheel was able to evade Broski’s offense with repeated cartwheels. He taunted Jimmy to suck it as Jimmy went to the floor, and Jack went for a PK, but Broski blocked it and slammed him on the mat. Broski delivered kicks to Jack in the corner and a big knee to his back. Cartwheel caught Broski with a big Poisonrana, dodged a clothesline with a backflip, and hit Broski with a crucifix bomb for a very close near fall. Jimmy went to the apron, got knocked to the floor, and was hit with a beautiful Sasuke Special followed by a corkscrew shooting star press for a very close near fall. Cartwheel was hit with a Broski Boot in the corner, but it still wasn’t enough to put him away. Broski attempted to hit Jack with his Broski Internet Title, but Jack ducked out of the way and executed a cartwheel Thez Press into a Cartwheel powerslam. He climbed to the top rope and hit a cartwheel splash, but Jimmy rolled out of the way and hit the Radio Silence to claim the victory.

Broski Jimmy Defeated Jack Cartwheel 

GCW Extreme Championship: Maki Itoh (Champion) vs. Sandra Moone

This is their third match-up, with each of them holding a win over the other. Moone took Itoh off her feet with a shoulder tackle. Maki responded with a dropkick of her own followed by ten punches in the corner. Itoh went for the pin, but Moone kicked out easily. Moone then took Itoh out with boots in the corner, a basement lariat, and a belly-to-back suplex for another near fall. Moone went to the apron where she was knocked to the floor by Maki and hit with a DDT. Maki rolled Moone back into the ring and delivered a big crossbody for another near fall. Moone struck Maki with repeated clubbing shots to her back, followed by a thrust kick and a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Maki kicked out at 2. Moone dragged Maki to the apron, attempting a Fisherman’s buster, but Maki broke it with a headbutt and countered with a face-first DDT on the ring apron. Maki climbed to the top rope, but Moone hit her with a palm strike and brought her back into the ring with a superplex. However, Itoh barely got her shoulder up at the last second. They traded a series of near falls, but neither was able to gain a real advantage. Maki ultimately hit Moone with a DDT followed by a Kokeshi into a top rope DDT to retain the championship.

Maki Itoh Retained the GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: Mance Warner vs. Dark Sheik 

Mance jumped Sheik before the bell rang, starting to beat her down and lighting her up with chops in the corner. Sheik fired back with a kick to Mance’s head, followed by a big top rope dropkick. Sheik went to the floor and sent a chair back inside the ring, hitting Mance each time. Sheik grabbed a staple gun and returned to the ring, but she was creamed with a chair from Mance, who then repeatedly struck her in the stomach with a chair. Mance grabbed a couple of doors and set them up in the corners. Sheik started to fire back, hitting him over the head and back with a steel chair. She then set Mance up on a couple of chairs, but Mance got back up to his feet and took her off the second rope through the chairs with a Russian Leg Sweep. Mance then hit Sheik across the back with a steel chair, threw the staple gun out of the ring, and hit her with a series of chops. Sheik punched Mance in the groin and dumped him across an open steel chair, following that up with a German suplex through a door in the corner. Sheik got back up to her feet and hit another dive, sending Mance crashing through the other door, but Mance was still able to get his shoulder up. Sheik grounded Mance, put a steel chair across his face, and hit him with a top rope leg drop. Dan Perch gave Sheik a blunt; she lit it up, took a couple of hits, and then proceeded to put it out on Mance’s forehead. So much good weed wasted tonight. Sheik stapled two dollars to Mance’s arms, intending to staple his groin, but he poked her in the eyes. He pocketed the money and went for a pin, but Sheik was able to get her shoulder up. Mance grabbed the staple gun and stapled a dollar to Sheik’s head as the crowd chanted “you sick fuck” at Mance. Mance laid into her forehead with a series of punches. He took too much time pulling her back up and was hit with a big dropkick followed by a head kick from Sheik. Sheik Sabu’d a chair at Mance’s head and hit him repeatedly across the back with a chair. She used her belt fabric to choke Mance, but he fired up and hit her with a clothesline. He grabbed the screwdriver from his boot, but Sheik kicked it out of his hand. Mance pushed Dan in the way of a rushing Sheik. Mance then hit her in the back with a steel chair, followed by an implant DDT for the victory.

Mance Warner Defeated Dark Sheik 

Post Match: Mance attacked Sheik with a belt, EFFY rushed to the ring to make the save for his teammate as Mance retreated backstage. 

Tag Team Match: Zilla Fatu and Nick Gage vs. The Wolf Zaddies 

The Zaddies cornered Zilla as his partner hadn’t made it to the ring yet. Zilla tried to fend them off, hitting Tito with a big right hand and a splash on both Zaddies, but then ate two rolling elbows from them. They proceeded to beat Zilla down in the corner just as Nick Gage’s theme music hit. Nick Gage had joined The Bloodline. Gage entered the ring and took both Zaddies out with a DDT and a clothesline. He followed up with a spinebuster on Tito as Zilla came off the top rope with a huge splash. Zilla chopped away at Cabrera, and Gage and Zilla hit tandem elbows. Zilla then delivered a big splash on Cabrera in the corner, but Gage’s subsequent spinebuster only garnered a two-count. Gage and Zilla each brought doors into the ring and set them up in the corners. Zilla’s back was covered in cupping marks, hopefully just routine maintenance. Gage was driven through the door with a spear from Tito as he launched himself out of the ring with a big tope. Cabrera hit Zilla with a Death Valley Driver, but Gage managed to make the save for his partner, although the Zaddies continued to beat down onto them. Cabrera then slammed Gage with a big powerslam as they once again turned their attention to Zilla Fatu, hitting him with a big delayed brainbuster followed by a sliding clothesline. Zilla fired up and responded with repeated lariats, followed by a MASSIVE twisting dive to the floor. Fatu then rolled the Zaddies back into the ring, where Gage hit Cabrera with a stunner followed by a neckbreaker Samoan drop combination for a two count. Zilla was busted open over his eye and attempted to land some punches on Tito, but was attacked from behind and hit with a big spinebuster spear combo, which only garnered a two-count. Gage then hit Cabrera with a piledriver and grabbed the pizza cutter from his pocket. The crowd erupted as Gage threatened to strike, but Tito interrupted with a spinebuster before any damage could be done. Zilla retaliated by hitting Tito with a Rock Bottom through a door, while Gage and Cabrera traded chops. Gage then elevated Cabrera, who was hit with a jumping Samoan Spike for the victory.

Nick Gage and Zilla Fatu Defeated The Wolf Zaddies 

Main Event: Joey Janela vs. 2 Cold Scorpio 

The match started with some chain wrestling, but neither man was able to gain the advantage as they reset in their separate corners. They attempted to take each other off their feet with shoulder blocks, but Janela was unable to move the Legend, who took him off his feet instead. Joey went to the floor for a breather, and as they locked up again, Joey hit him with a chop, which angered Scorpio. Scorpio responded with a series of chops that took Joey off his feet. Joey fired up and hit Scorpio with a diving uppercut for a close near fall. They brawled on the floor, with Joey bouncing Scorpio’s head off the ring apron and stage. Joey was tossed onto the stage, but he got back up and took Scorpio out with a leaping uppercut off the stage. Back inside the ring, Scorpio hit Janela with a Death Valley Driver and attempted a double jump leg drop, but Joey moved out of the way and hit Scorpio with a Death Valley Driver of his own for a two count. They traded forearms in the center of the ring, with neither of them budging. Joey was turned inside out with a lariat, but he managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Joey was then hit in the head with a steel chair, but he retaliated by tossing it to Scorpio and dodging a kick, then hitting Scorpio in the head with a chair. Scorpio executed a top rope rana that sent Joey crashing through an open steel chair, but somehow Joey was able to kick out at the last second. Joey set up a door bridge in the corner, but Scorpio turned the tables and placed Janela on the door. Scorpio then climbed to the top rope and hit a top rope moonsault for the victory.

2 Cold Scorpio Defeated Joey Janela