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Stabbed: Five stabbed during birthday party clash, two critical | Thiruvananthapuram News

Vaseline 2 months ago

Thiruvananthapuram: A birthday party at a beer parlor in Kazhakkoottam turned violent, resulting in the stabbing of five people, two of whom are said to be in critical condition. Kazhakkoottam police arrested two men over the incident that took place on Saturday evening. Five residents of Sreekaryam, Shalu, Sooraj, Vishakh, Swaroop and Athul, were injured in the incident. Among the injured, the condition of Shalu and Sooraj is said to be critical. The former suffered a respiratory injury and Sooraj suffered a liver injury. Both underwent operations. The arrested are Puthukurichy natives Anaz, 31, and Shameem, 28. They have been remanded in police custody after being produced before a court on charges under sections of IPC 307 of attempt to murder, 323 of causing hurt, 324 of causing injury with a weapon, and 506 for criminal intimidation. However, police are still unclear about what exactly happened in the bar that led to the stabbing. According to hotel staff, the five men were attacked by a physical trainer, who was present at the birthday party, after a clash with the other gang. With the knife used to cut the cake, the suspect stabbed the men one by one. Meanwhile, some of the injured were also hit on the head by men from the other gang. Police said Anaz and seven others had reached the beer parlor to celebrate his 31st birthday and another gang of five were sitting at the adjacent table. Meanwhile, one of them had a minor altercation with the Anaz’s gang, which led to a physical altercation. “Clashes within the bar are common, but it takes time to reach a critical point. But in this case we could not observe any verbal exchange or argument between them, we found the injured in a pool of blood,” said a hotel staff member. Police have collected CCTV footage from the hotel to clarify what had happened. happened. “Those arrested claimed innocence because they say they don’t know what happened. CCTV footage shows someone stabbing the men, but which gang he belongs to has yet to be identified. More people will be arrested soon,” police said.

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