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Prices of essential foodstuffs show mixed trends – Markets

Vaseline 2 months ago

PESHAWAR: A mixed trend was observed in the prices of essential food items including vegetables, live chicken/meat, flour, sugar, cooking oil/ghee and others, according to a weekly survey conducted by Business recorder here on Sunday.

The survey shows that the price of live chicken remained high as it was available in the retail market at Rs520/kg, but the price of farm eggs, which are sold at Rs280/dozen, declined slightly from the price of Rs300/dozen in the week before.

Similarly, cow meat with bone was available at Rs900 per kilogram and without bone at Rs800 per kilogram at the official flat rate. Mutton was sold at Rs2200-2400 per kg against the price of Rs2200 per kilo.

A significant fall in the price of flour was also recorded in the retail and wholesale market as the price of a 20 kg bag fell to Rs2200-2300, which was sold at Rs2800-2900 per bag the previous week, the survey said. Similarly, the price of 80 kg also fell in the wholesale market.

The research shows that prices of vegetables on the local market remained high

Ginger was available at between Rs 750 and Rs 800 per kilogram, while Chinese garlic was sold at Rs 800 per kilogram and locally produced garlic at Rs 600 per kilogram, the survey said. The price of onions was Rs200 per kilo, while onions from Tajikistan were available at Rs150 per kilo. The price of tomatoes also drops to Rs 100-120 per kilogram from the price of Rs 150/kg in the previous week.

The survey revealed that peas were sold at Rs 150-170, capsicum at Rs 400/kg, ladyfingers Rs 250/kg, and curry Rs 60/kg and kachalu Rs 150-200/kg, turnip at Rs 50/kg Eggplant (bringle) Rs100/kg, Zucchini (tori) Rs80/kg, Tinda Rs150/kg, lemon was sold at Rs120/kg.

Similarly, Arvi was available at Rs200/kg, Karela (bitter gourd) at Rs100-120/kg, green chilly at Rs150/kg, cabbage at Rs150/kg, capsicum at Rs200/- per kg, red colored potatoes available at Rs80 -100/- per kg, while white colored potatoes are sold at Rs70/kg in the retail market.

Similarly, the study found that the prices of pulses/foodgrains in the local market remained unchanged.

Good quality rice (sela) was available at Rs340kg, while low quality rice was available at Rs320/kg, while total rice was available at Rs180-200/kg.

Similarly, the survey additionally said that dal mash was available at Rs540/kg, dal masoor at Rs320 per kilo, dal chilka (black) at Rs320/kg, dal chilka (green) at Rs260/kg, moonge at Rs280/kg, dhoti dal for Rs300/kg, dal channa for Rs280/kg, white lobiya for Rs450/kg, red bean for Rs440/kg, Gram flour (baisen) for Rs280/kg, large white channa for Rs360/kg, small white channa channa from Rs300/kg.

Sugar was sold at Rs 150/kg in the retail market as there was no further decline in the wholesale market.

The prices of confectionery, beverages, baby milk, milk powder, pumpers and others also continued to skyrocket in the local market.

The prices of the fruits, apples reached Rs400/kg, persimmon Rs150/kg and banana 200/dozen, guava Rs200/kg, guava at Rs250-300 per kilo, orange at Rs250 per dozen, kinnow at Rs200 per dozen, strawberry at Rs300 /kg, melon at Rs200 per kg.

According to the survey, prices of all brands and qualities of drinks in the local market also remained high. Black tea was sold at between Rs 1,400 and Rs 1,500 per kg, the survey said.

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