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Lasque Tiarc

Clinical documentation app launched

Vaseline 2 months ago

Clinical documentation app launched

PatientNotes, the AI-powered clinical documentation platform, has launched an iOS app.

The platform – already used by “thousands of healthcare professionals across Australia, from physiotherapists to psychologists, to art therapists and veterinarians” – which helps practitioners improve healthcare, is now made even better with the flexibility and security of an app, according to PatientNotes CEO Jason Smale.

The app is optimized for iOS, allowing for smoother uploads, clearer audio input, and a clean user interface.

“We know that practitioners today use voice memos on their personal iPhones and then send sensitive health information through messaging applications. It’s risky. PatientNotes provides physicians with a secure way to use their personal devices on the go to capture sensitive health information about their patients,” said Smale.

PatientNotes is HIPAA compliant, adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles, and ensures sensitive health data is not left unsecured on iPhones.

“Whether it’s quickly dictating notes in a hospital hallway, making a home aged care visit or treating a client in a busy gym, a dedicated iPhone app makes it easy for healthcare professionals to take notes then sync seamlessly across all their devices. Start on your phone and continue on your desktop. No hassle, no lost notes,” PatientNotes said in a statement.

The company invites healthcare professionals to try PatientNotes for free for 14 days and make the most of the new iPhone and iPad apps in their daily workflow.

Image credits: Dolmatov