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2 Lakh students without money to buy uniforms and books in 2023-2024; MCD mentions lack of bank accounts | Delhi News

Vaseline 3 months ago

More than 2 lakh students studying in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools did not receive direct benefits meant for uniforms, notebooks and stationery, and school bags in the academic year 2023-2024, according to the MCD.

According to the MCD, this is because these students do not have operational bank accounts through which they can receive these benefits.

Of the 7,88,224 students studying in MCD schools, 2,19,457 students do not have bank accounts, the MCD said in a recent reply filed in the Delhi High Court.

In a public interest litigation filed by NGO Social Jurist in the Delhi HC earlier this year, it was said that students in MCD schools and those under the Directorate of Education of the Delhi government are “deprived of statutory benefits such as uniforms, writing materials, notebooks and scholarships. etc.”

The PIL had sought that directions be issued to the MCD and the Directorate of Education to ensure that all students studying in their schools have operational bank accounts, and benefits are provided to students through bearer checks until these accounts are cleared opened.

Festive offer

In its recent response dated April 20 before the HC, the MCD said: “It is emphasized that one of the major hurdles in making the benefits available to the students is the fact that a substantial number of students do not has operational bank accounts. in which monetary benefits can be obtained.

A major reason for the said lack of bank accounts appears to be that the students concerned do not have Aadhaar cards or other valid proof of residence.”

According to the MCD’s response, 2,73,346 students in MCD schools have not received benefits (uniform items, notebooks and stationery, and school bags) for the academic year 2023-2024. This is 7,88,224 students enrolled and the reason for this is “long absence and not having a bank account.”

In the academic year 2022-2023, out of 7,58,725 enrolled students, 5,06,386 did not receive benefits for uniforms, and the reason for this is “not forming a standing committee, prolonged absence and not having a bank account. ” That year, a total of 4,55,389 children did not receive school bags due to lack of a standing committee.

Directions have been issued to zonal officials to ensure that bank accounts are opened for all students and these officials have contacted local bank branches to expedite the process, the MCD said in its response. Direct benefit transfers cannot be affected via bearer checks to students as 2015 central government guidelines require departments to transfer funds electronically, it added.