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Lasque Tiarc

Is this the Soho house for kids?

Vaseline 2 months ago

Imagine walking into a room where the elegant atmosphere immediately hits you with music, stylish brands lining the shelves and where the who’s who come together. This may sound like an introduction to Soho House, the chic social club known worldwide for its exclusive, elegant ambiance and a meeting place for the elite. Yet this description fits aptly with The Bunny Hive, a growing network of children’s clubs that was quickly nicknamed ‘Soho House for kids’.

Unlike traditional play spaces that focus solely on fun and games, The Bunny Hive integrates the sophistication and style reminiscent of Soho House, transforming the way we think about environments designed for children and their caregivers. This is not just any daycare center; it is a community center where families come together and forge connections amid beautifully designed spaces that reflect the luxury and comfort of the best adult clubs.

At The Bunny Hive, a membership that starts at $45 a month isn’t just about access to a play space. It’s about joining a community that values ‚Äč‚Äčinclusivity and reflects the spirit of Soho House, but with a more accessible approach. Here, parents, grandparents and nannies can all bring their children to take part in a wide range of activities. From art and music to sensory play and culinary classes, there is something for everyone. This inclusive model ensures that wherever you are, you can enjoy a familiar, comforting environment, just as Soho House members enjoy familiar comfort in locations around the world.

What sets The Bunny Hive apart from other play spaces isn’t just its inclusive membership and stylish design. It’s the unique experiences it offers. Imagine styling sessions from the ‘Blowout King’, reminiscent of the wellness and self-care services found at Soho House, but tailored to the needs of busy parents. These experiences elevate The Bunny Hive from merely a play space to a sanctuary where parents can recharge while their children engage in enriching activities. This unique value proposition makes The Bunny Hive an attractive investment opportunity.

From art and music lessons to sensory experiences, ballet, baby massage and culinary exploration, The Bunny Hive offers a wide spectrum of classes that encourage children to explore their interests in a safe and stimulating environment. What sets The Bunny Hive apart is its focus on creating an environment that is as serene and stylish as any luxury adult club, with quality, inclusivity and community at the forefront.

The design of each location has been carefully planned to ensure that both adults and children feel comfortable, with an aesthetic that rivals the well-curated environments of Soho House. With plans to expand nationally and hopes for international locations, The Bunny Hive aims to be a consistent and reliable presence, much like Soho House, for traveling families looking for a familiar and engaging environment for their children.

The Bunny Hive’s rapid expansion, from initial plans to open three studios to a planned 24 studios in its first year of franchise, is a testament to its resonance with modern families. But it’s not just about growth. The Bunny Hive is committed to maintaining its high standards and ethos. The selective process, in which only 30% of franchise applicants are accepted, ensures that each new location upholds the brand’s principles – principles that Soho House also upholds to ensure exclusivity and quality. This commitment to quality and exclusivity is what sets The Bunny Hive on the path to sustainable growth.

At its core, The Bunny Hive does more than just fill a gap in childcare; it redefines the concept by combining the luxury and communal spirit of Soho House with the practical needs of family life. It sets itself apart from other play spaces by providing a consistent, luxurious experience that enriches the children and adults in their lives. The Bunny Hive isn’t just the Soho House for kids; it is a new paradigm for family-oriented social spaces where every visit enriches, soothes and connects.