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Lasque Tiarc

Kitchen table Kibitzing April 21, 2024

Vaseline 2 months ago


There are recipes in the food section of every newspaper; they are ubiquitous online and there are TV shows: Around 500 cooking programs are broadcast on TV channels worldwide every day, and there are hundreds of cooking magazines. And yet cookbooks are still popular. Sales fluctuate from year to year, but are generally stable. about 20 million or so.

There are probably people who never use cookbooks, but most of us need a reference at least occasionally. All it really takes is Joy of Cooking. You could cook that every day for a lifetime, and that’s pretty good. Joy of Cooking’s meat section is curated by our local celebrity chef and restauranteur, who once told me that if you like at least three recipes in a cookbook, you will keep them. I have three of his books, all signed.

We have a small kitchenette. I can’t use a cookbook in there due to lack of counter space, and the food would end up all over the pages, so I open it in the other room and walk back and forth by spice, etc., because my short-term memory is very short-term memory . A recipe with many ingredients can exhaust me. Sometimes I print out a recipe and hang it on the fridge, but it’s hard to read and wasteful.

Potential solution. I ordered an under-the-counter prescription holder. This required negotiations with Mrs. SP, but she graciously agreed. I even made a cardboard mock-up. This will have a light, which should help my fading vision. It was backordered (must be popular), so this is a work in progress. Problem possibly solved.

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