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Lasque Tiarc

Artistic barns return to Chillicothe’s Pump House on Tuesday

Vaseline 2 months ago

The Pump House Center for the Arts is once again hosting a Cincinnati artist who enjoys painting old barns.

As posted as an event page on the Pump House Facebook page:

April 23 is our big stable day. Mr. Kroeger, Kevin Coleman and I are going on a road trip across the county in search of old, dilapidated barns that are at their last point of usefulness.

Dr. Kroeger contacted the Pomphuis a few years ago to see if we would help him find historic barns to paint.

Dr. Kroeger uses an impasto painting style with a palette knife in his paintings. He paints on masonite or linen panels. And with the oils applied with the palette knives, the colors seem to change with the reflection of the room light.

On April 23 we will offer the barns that Dr. Kroeger and I found it last April during the stable search last year. Each painting comes framed in barn wood and is ready to hang.

You can do some research on Dr. Kroeger We have both of his books for sale at the Pump House.

You can have him sign his book on April 23. Attendees can submit a drawing of one of his framed originals valued at $300.

Read more about Kroeger in my iHeart radio web story from last year. (The images are gone, but the audio still plays.)

The Chillicothe Art League’s Spring Open Exhibition also continues, with 85 works of art from 54 different artists on display through April 27. The annual photo show ‘Captured’ premieres on May 2.