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Lasque Tiarc

Thousands are signing petition asking the emergency department to stay in the south coast city

Vaseline 3 months ago

Doctor measuring the blood pressure of an overweight woman in the hospital

Batemans Bay residents have raised the alarm over the closure of their emergency department. Photo: File.

A petition to keep an emergency department open on the south coast has collected more than 18,000 signatures, but the local MP says its closure will have no impact on the health of patients.

The new Eurobodalla Regional Hospital will be located in Moruya, approximately 20 minutes south of Batemans Bay. As part of plans for the project, Batemans Bay Hospital’s emergency department will close.

Community group Don’t Close Batemans Bay Hospital Emergency Department is calling on the NSW government to keep the facility open.

Labor MP Dr Michael Holland, member for Bega, said he was confident the planned closure would not affect healthcare outcomes.

“There have been some alarming comments from people advocating for the petition that people will die if the Batemans Bay (emergency department) is closed, or that if you have a major accident you might not be treated adequately,” Dr. Holland said.

“I refute the issue that people will die and our healthcare will become worse because of the closure of the Batemans Bay Emergency Department.”

Dr. Holland said opening the hospital as a Level Four facility would mean people could seek a broader range of treatments and more resources at the new hospital.

“We know that by combining the resources of these two hospitals to build a level four healthcare facility in Moruya – which is closer to the center of the (Eurobodalla) Shire – you will get a level four emergency department with doctors , nurses and technology that are far above what is already available in both emergency departments,” he said.

“That in itself will save lives.

“The problem is that we are not going to get a level 4 emergency department in Eurobodalla – and therefore an intensive care service or all the other services that are in place – by trying to run two emergency departments separately.”

In recent months, the Don’t Close Batemans Bay Hospital Emergency Department campaign has been collecting signatures in an effort to keep the department open.

This was said by the group’s founder, Peter Ryan Region the group had collected approximately 18,000 signatures.

“It is simply not responsible to move an emergency department out of Batemans Bay just to accommodate more medical facilities at some point in the future,” he said.

“(The existing facility is) quite modern, functional and saves lives.”

Mr Ryan said the closure would impact the health of residents and visitors to the city due to the travel time to Moruya and the region’s large population.

“We think we have a common sense approach to this,” he said.

“Batemans Bay has over 19,000 residents and enormous growth is expected.

“People in the area could face a delay of up to 90 minutes to get to the new hospital and that is simply not acceptable.”

Dr. Holland said the Batemans Bay emergency department would not close until the new hospital is open, while the existing urgent care clinic at the site will remain open.

“I am working with the Minister of Health (Ryan Park) and the Department of Health to expand that emergency care model where there will be a doctor and a nurse available in Batemans Bay 24 hours a day, seven days a week “, he says. said.

“There simply won’t be an emergency department where an ambulance will transport patients.”

Mr Ryan said the clinic would not be enough to replace the emergency department.

“It takes all those little things — like sore throats and scratches — out of doctor’s offices,” he said.

“It will not address any of these life-threatening situations.”

The petition from community group Don’t Close Batemans Bay Hospital Emergency Department will be received at a meeting at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club on Monday (April 22) from 5.30pm.

More information about the Eurobodalla regional hospital can be found online.