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Phoebe Nannetti from InterContinental Sydney

Vaseline 2 months ago

InterContinental Sydney’s Phoebe Nannetti manages the food and beverage offering across the five-star hotel’s many dining options. Here, Phoebe shares what she loves about her role and industry – as well as her handy tips for eating out in Sydney.

What drew you to a career in hospitality and cuisine?

I started my journey in hospitality at a local deli, surrounded by fresh produce. The experience was immersive, allowing me to explore marinating olives, deboning hams and setting up cheese displays. The lively interaction between the customers, the products and the space was stimulating. When we opened a wine bar, I really appreciated the synergy between cuisine and hospitality. Over time, I developed meaningful connections with people in the industry, deepening my passion.

Treasure trove restaurant at InterContinental Sydney.
Treasure trove restaurant at InterContinental Sydney.

Can you tell us about your role as Culinary Director at InterContinental Sydney and what that entails?

As Food and Beverage Director at InterContinental Sydney, my responsibilities include overseeing the success of the department and setting strategic goals to establish luxury brands within the InterContinental brand. We strive to gain recognition in the public eye and compete with the best in the national and global food and beverage industry. My role also involves ensuring we have the right team members to achieve these goals.

Kitchen in Pont Dining Room, InterContinental Sydney.  Credit: Steven Woodburn.
Kitchen in Pont Dining Room, InterContinental Sydney. Credit: Steven Woodburn.

What emphasis does the hotel place on sustainable sourcing of local or indigenous ingredients? Do you have preferred suppliers that you work with?

The hotel prioritizes sustainability and local sourcing. Director of Bars, Mattia Arnaboldi, uses ecoSPIRITS, a technology that reduces glass and cardboard waste for premium spirits and wine. The bar reuses products and uses meat, peels and seeds as garnishes, ingredients in drinks or for fermentation. The kitchen team places an emphasis on sustainable ingredients and emphasizes the connection to local landscapes and Australian botanicals.

Pont dining room at InterContinental Sydney.  Credit: Steven Woodburn.
Pont dining room. Credit: Steven Woodburn.

Can you tell us about the new Pont eatery, and what kind of experience guests can expect there?

Pont Dining Room offers an elegant, casual dining experience, featuring locally sourced ingredients with a world-class twist. The wine list showcases exceptional local and international wines to complement the dishes.

Exterior entrance of Pont at InterContinental Sydney.  Credit: Steven Woodburn.
Exterior entrance of Pont at InterContinental Sydney. Credit: Steven Woodburn.

What can you tell us about the new menu at Aster?

from Aster new menu is inspired by the Big Bang Theory, combining scientific concepts with creative culinary techniques such as lactic acid fermentation to produce unique flavors. The menu invites guests on a journey of discovery, with a beautiful decor and a starry sky that suits Aster perfectly.

Aster at InterContinental Sydney.
Aster at InterContinental Sydney.

How do the three main locations differ at InterContinental Sydney (Treasury, Pont and Aster) and how would you describe the different experiences at each location?

Perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail, Treasury offers refreshing classics, local beers and wines. Pont offers a world-class dining experience with carefully selected dishes and international wines. Aster is the ideal place for a nightcap, with creative drinks and breathtaking views.

Together, these locations create an expansive experience that leaves guests wanting more.

For guests coming to stay at the hotel, can you give us your top five local food and bar tips to explore while you’re in town?

I encourage guests to experience the hotel’s culinary scene as we strive to compete with the best in the market. For those looking for additional options, my top picks are:

Restaurant Hubert: Known for its French cuisine and unique ambiance.

Aria: Delicious dining with a beautiful view of the harbor!

Bistecca: A paradise for steak lovers.

The Caterpillar Club: A cozy place for drinks, vinyl, live music and a great atmosphere!

Pellegrino 2000: Infamous for hosting Taylor Swift yes, but the food and drinks are a winner – you can’t leave without a big smile on your face

Bank: A wine bar in Manly, hop on the ferry and enjoy natural wines and tapas in the best way!

These places offer a mix of exceptional food, great atmosphere and beautiful views in Sydney.

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