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Lasque Tiarc

‘Pro-life’ initiative ineligible for ballot – The Fort Morgan Times

Vaseline 2 months ago

An effort to undo abortion rights protections in Colorado in November will not come to a vote.

The Colorado Life Initiative announced Thursday that it had not reached the 124,238 signatures needed to make the Protections of Children initiative eligible for a ballot.

“One thousand one hundred and forty-five volunteers collected tens of thousands of signatures to get the ‘Protection of Children’ initiative on the ballot,” the announcement said.

The initiative was led by Morgan County advocates Faye Barnhart of Brush and Angela Eicher of Fort Morgan.

The initiative was written “to prevent the intentional mutilation and death of children from conception through adulthood and would have closed abortion clinics and discontinued abortion pills,” the statement said.

It would have done so by adding a definition of “living child” to the Colorado statutes of “every living human being from the moment human life biologically begins at conception, through each stage of biological development until the child as adult achieves emancipation’. The initiative would have provided “lawful protections,” namely that “a living child shall not be intentionally dismembered, mutilated, poisoned, burned, or treated inhumanely so as to cause intentional physical harm resulting in death or disability.” ‘

Enforcement would have included closing and revoking permits for any facility or pharmacy that violates the law.

Colorado law currently prohibits state and local governments from “denying, restricting, interfering with” an individual’s right to use or refuse contraception, and to continue a pregnancy or have an abortion interfere or discriminate”.

‘The purpose of the initiative was to be a moral, just and fair law that God could bless; meet the state’s requirement to be one subject; and keep the argument focused on the goal: protecting children,” the Colorado Life Initiative said in its press release.

“We knew this was the right time to bring the first Life Initiative to the ballot in Colorado following the overturn of Roe,” Barnhart said. “We saw the ‘giants’ in the land, but knew that God was calling us to take it anyway,” referring to the children of Israel when God told them to take the promised land and only a few believed that the Israelites were being led by the would wander into the wilderness. longer.

According to the Colorado Life Initiative, more than 2,000 abortions occur every month in Colorado at abortion clinics and through chemical abortions.

Proponents blamed the initiative’s failure to achieve its signature goal on “PLINOs” (Pro-life in Name Only), as well as the need for increased publicity and recruitment of circulators in several provinces.

“Great people have volunteered,” Barnhart said. “Older ladies stood in the rain outside grocery stores, students chatted with other students on college campuses, people walked door to door, and many stood with signs at the Capitol during rallies. We are grateful for the lawyers, doctors, and other professionals who helped make this a solid law, for the support of many politicians, and for the many pastors who shared the truth with their congregations because it was the Biblically right thing to do. doing. We had entire communities where every church participated and almost every petition came back filled out. We also had several counties that were “superstars” collecting signatures. Through the testimonies of our volunteers, we had a protester who attacked our people, but because they offered her mercy, she gave her life to Christ. We have also helped many women and men seek healing from previous abortions that they have regretted for decades.”

According to the press release, the organization plans to continue proposing ballot measures.

While this initiative was the only “pro-life” measure passed to gather signatures for the ballot, another measure seeks to enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution. Initiative 89 would add a clause stating: “The right to abortion is hereby recognized. The Administration will not deny, impede, or discriminate against the exercise of that right, including prohibiting health insurance coverage for abortion.”

The signed petitions for that measure were submitted on April 18 and the signature line is currently under review, which should be completed by May 17. As a constitutional amendment, the ballot question would need to be approved by 55% of the votes cast statewide.