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2024 – The miracle | For before death there is life

Vaseline 2 months ago

‘For the past ten years you have been a hair’s breadth away from death. » Granby orthopedist pulls out all the stops with his 15-year-old patient; the fracture in the cervical vertebra he suffered while playing in his guardian’s garden as a child could have killed him. Young Will Bill then realizes that he was living “as if in a minefield”.

After three novels (Municipalities, Epic And Dixie) and a collection of short stories (Basketball and its fundamentals), William S. Messier ventures into the story of the self for the first time The miracle, which chronicles the moments when he could have lost his life: at a basketball game, in a car accident, in the family’s backyard. The author is originally from Cowansville and grew up in Granby. He delves into his memories and returns to the Eastern Townships to talk about his adolescence in this ‘very ordinary’ city. The carelessness that radiates from this era, so great in emotions and vivid in memories, is the power of the stories, written with rhythmic sentences and a lively pen. “I almost died, without knowing it, for ten years. »

The miracle is a book about death, but above all a celebration of life in its small moments. “I’m writing this book to remind myself why we should live as if every day is a victory. Why we write stories, we dance, we play basketball. (…) We are on the brink of death every day. This is why we must live as if every second is a victory. » A life lesson that we often hear. Yet he is right.

The miracle

The miracle

The quarter

180 pages


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