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How to watch stunning 3D movies in your Meta Quest 3

Vaseline 2 months ago

The Meta Quest 3 is not only a great virtual reality headset to play games on – but if you want to play games on it, here’s a list of this year’s best upcoming games.

No, apart from jumping around to Beat Saber or hitting virtual drum kits while using your Quest 3 to get fit, you may have also thought about setting up your own VR cinema, kicking back in a VR chair and even throw VR popcorn around. However, did you know that you can do this alone, with friends, or with complete strangers – although throwing popcorn gets annoying when you’re trying to watch a movie?

There are several ways to watch movies in the Quest 3, but when it’s at its best it’s when you’re watching 3D movies – a list of what we think are the best further down this page – on a giant virtual screen , and many of The apps we’re looking at here let you change the setting of the virtual screen of a movie theater, a drive-in theater, or even a space station orbiting the planets. It’s VR, we can go anywhere, remember?

Watch 3D movies on Quest 3

YouTube VR

There are different ways to go about this depending on the content you want to watch. Let’s start with the easiest: YouTube VR. Recently, an update to the YouTube VR app in the Quest Store opened up a world of 8k 3D videos to us, many of which are spectacular.

To reach them, download the app from the Store. If you already have it, make sure you have the latest version and it doesn’t need to be updated and then open it.

If you have a YouTube or YouTube Premium account, make sure you sign in and it will sync with your viewing history on your other devices. This is very useful because it is certainly easier to find the 3D videos in the real world and simply click on them in VR than messing around by placing your laser finger on the virtual keyboard to search for them.

Times Square as viewed via YouTube VR on the Meta Quest 3Times Square as viewed via YouTube VR on the Meta Quest 3
Times Square as viewed via YouTube VR on the Meta Quest 32002317119880945-

Press the magnify button at the top to display the search if you do this in the headset. Anyway, if you want to start searching for “8k 180…” you should get an autocomplete that says something like “8k 180-degree videos” – that’s what you want.

Now don’t let that confuse you into thinking that 360-degree videos must be better because you can completely flip them, right? That’s possible, but 360 videos are generally not 3D. The 180 degree videos are too and in 8K they look beautiful – look up the one of Times Square at Christmas for starters. It’s as close to being without being there as you can get right now.

Meta Quest TV

The recent solar eclipse as seen on Meta Quest TV's 3D videosThe recent solar eclipse as seen on Meta Quest TV's 3D videos
The recent solar eclipse as seen in Austin, Texas on Meta Quest TV’s 3D videos.

Speaking of streaming user content, you’ll also find some great 3D videos shown on the Meta Quest TV. For example, if you’re into EDM, there’s a great beach where people just dance around you and in front of you – look for Anjuna – it’s pretty trippy and a great video to show your Quest 3 to VR virgins. Play around there and you’re bound to find something you like.

Watch 3D movies

Enough homemade stuff, how about watching epic movies in their 3D version? About 10 years ago, 3D movies were all the rage in theaters. I saw Gravity at the cinema in 3D and it blew my mind. This has faded, but there are still blockbusters with 3D versions – for example, there is a 3D version of Dune Part 1 on Blu-Ray. What could be more meta than watching Ready Player One in 3D VR? Nothing, that’s what. So you should do that.

Use your own virtual cinema in an app like BigscreenUse your own virtual cinema in an app like Bigscreen
Use your own virtual cinema in an app like Bigscreen.

This is a slightly more complex procedure, as you’ll need to stream the Blu-Ray to your Quest 3, which requires little bandwidth, or rip or download the 3D movie yourself. How or where you do that isn’t for this article, but suffice it to say: if you get a 3D version of the movie you want to watch on your PC, the best way to get it to your Quest is via a USB cable headset copy – this may take about 20 minutes, but it’s the best way to avoid annoying buffering. From there, using an app like Bigscreen, you can watch the movie on a giant screen for an experience you won’t soon forget. Make sure you select the 3D option in the settings. IN Bigscreen, if you register, you can even open your room and allow strangers to join the experience.

3D movies generally have two images side by side (SBS) or on top of each other (or OU – Over Under). Select the one that matches what you’re trying to watch and the movies will blend together in beautiful 3D.

Now put the Quest 3 in landscape mode and enjoy the next two hours (um, maybe keep your charger plugged in).

There’s another good app called Skybox VR that actually accesses a USB stick plugged into the side of the Quest 3, so you can technically store a bunch of 3D movies on one without having to worry about your Quest storage – the only problem here is that you can charge your Quest 3 at the same time, so you can enjoy the old-fashioned movie in between.

Best 3D Movies for Quest 3

Well, this is obviously subjective, but here are some that we highly recommend.

Ready Player One
There’s just something right about watching the big-screen version of Ernest Cline’s modern classic about a world taken over by VR, actually in VR. With plenty of retro references to keep the elderly happy, this is a great experience that you should definitely treat yourself too.

An image of Ready Player One.An image of Ready Player One.

Dune part 1

The best way to experience this epic sci-fi remake is through the £D Blu-Ray. The range is breathtaking, but you’ll need a few charges to get through it.

An image of Dune 3DAn image of Dune 3D

bdrawer Runner 2049

Again, there’s something about the Quest that’s a bit Cyberpunk badass, and Blade Runner 2049’s dystopian cityscape fits that vibe perfectly.

Avatar: The Way of Water

The original version is a 3D masterpiece and the second, even though all these years later, matches it again for a truly memorable 3D movie experience.