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Ford Ranger lands on top of three cars after bizarre crash

Vaseline 2 months ago

Fortunately, the accident in Massachusetts happened early in the morning, so there were no people around and unlike the cars, no one was injured.

    Ford Ranger lands on top of three cars after bizarre crash

  • A Ford Ranger driver lost control early Friday morning in Brockton, Massachusetts.
  • The driver hit a fire hydrant, struck a building and then came to rest balancing on three vehicles.
  • Investigators are still investigating the crash and the driver who was in the middle of it reportedly fled the scene.

Authorities are currently unraveling the complicated aftermath of a bizarre crash that unfolded Friday morning in the Massachusetts city of Brockton. The incident is certainly worthy of the term ‘wild’, not only because of the driver’s hasty departure from the scene, but also because of the unconventional parking spot chosen by the pickup truck in the heart of the chaos.

The accident happened around 2:34 a.m. on Montello Street. Based on the damage at the scene, firefighters believe the Ford Ranger involved first collided with a fire hydrant before hitting the porch of a building.

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Arguably the most stunning part of the incident is what happened next. The Ranger flew into the air, apparently spun around, and came to a perfectly balanced stop on top of a trio of parked vehicles, seemingly hanging in mid-air.

Photos shared by the Brockton Fire Department show the rear of the truck being supported by a Ford Transit van, while the left front wheel rests on top of a blue pickup truck. Adding to the spectacle, the right front wheel was on the hood of an Infiniti FX35.

    Ford Ranger lands on top of three cars after bizarre crash
Brockton F.D

Although the Ranger was clearly damaged in the accident, the photos suggest that it has held up remarkably well considering the forces that must have been at play here. In one of the photos, it appears the truck took a bite out of the corner of the building it crashed into.

Fortunately, since the accident happened so early in the morning, there were no people around to hurt the Ford. On the other hand, that also means that no witnesses have yet come forward to help investigators understand what led to this accident.

However, this section of Montello Street is long and straight, allowing motorists to travel faster, Boston 25 News reports. Brockton Police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to contact them to assist their investigation.

Photos Brockton FD