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6 Heritage Bungalows in Goa that have been given a new lease of life

Vaseline 2 months ago

Step into the past of Goa’s history by planning an amazing weekend stay in some of the beautiful heritage bungalows in Goa. Goan stays where treasures of culture, charm, tradition, luxury and history come together to embrace the slow life of Goa a complete other side of this beautiful state. Enjoy the lesser known areas of Goa with this heritage bungalows, this World Heritage Day.

6 Heritage Bungalows in Goa You Must Book Once in a Lifetime

1. Figueiredo House, Loutolim

This beautiful heritage bungalow in Goa is a stay full to estimate, owned by Figueiredos! This predates the Taj Mahal and also has a museum that you may explore. History buffs will go crazy above this one. This is an Indo-Portuguese house with lush green rice fields and trees around it. That’s why it seeps heavily into the vintage Portuguese atmosphere. You must make a reservation in advance for dinner at the centuries-old dining table convenient within the museum.

Built-in: 1590

2. Villa Saudade, Arpora

This beautiful heritage bungalow in Goa should be on your list for this World Heritage Day. This gigantic building of 21,000 square meters was restored by architect Rochelle Santimano and is property by Vasco Pinho. It is deep in history was built survived during Portuguese rule Maratha wars and more. It offers a swimming pool, barbecue, front garden and more aesthetic interiors.

Built-in: 1600

3. The bungalow Bogmalo, Bogmalo

This beautiful Indo-Portuguese beach villa is listed on and is perfect for all beach lovers. The incredible chalet has four bedrooms And you will feel like you are in Goa as soon as you enter this bungalow. Located among the tall coconut treesThis simple bungalow has breathtaking views and great local eateries. Make plans with your family And your stay will be unforgettable.

Built-in: 1880

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4. Villa Lou, Verla

This majestic two-storey heritage villa, listed under Airbnb, reflects the culture and tradition of Goa in a vibrant yet serene manner! It was Amitabh’s vision WHO spent more than two years on the restoration, paying tribute to the villa’s distinguished past by preserving its heritage. Every corner is carefully decorated to make it feel like home amidst the lush Goa; it even has a swimming pool. Another nice one fact, Bollywood actors like Ajay Devgan, Sara Ali Khan, Tabu and Farhan Akhtar walked through these beautiful heritage halls! You should definitely check it out on this World Heritage Day.

Built-in: 1903

5. Serendipity House, Reis Magos

Get ready to travel to the 1920s with this Portuguese villa in Goa. It has a bright yellow interior with a Indo-Portuguese atmosphere, vintage artefacts, famous paintings by Indian painters adorning the walls, a beautiful swimming pool And so much more. It feels like a home that you might see in some popular movies set in the countryside! Pria Watsa bought this astonishing heritage bungalow and turned it into a family home by renovating it for two years. Come visit quickly!

Built-in: 1921

6. Zevendeurenhuis, Bardez

This Portuguese accommodation stretched out over 11,000 square meters feet is owned by Mumbai-based Deepak and Leenika Jacob. The beautiful but simple aesthetic of this heritage site will captivate you as it celebrates the rich Goan-Portuguese home accents that you would find in any of the nearby houses. Starting from from a reading room to a games room to three patios, it has everything to offer for a slow and beautiful Goa trip. This World Heritage Day, stay in this Instagram-worthy bungalow.

Built-in: 1932

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Now that you know the best heritage bungalows in Goa, what are you waiting for?book this one now!

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