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Lasque Tiarc

Driver’s license changes aimed at new drivers could ‘reduce accidents’

Vaseline 2 months ago

Changes to driving licenses are being proposed to improve safety on Britain’s roads. Campaigners have urged the government to impose restrictions on new drivers to ensure the safety of all road users.

There have been calls for the introduction of graduated driving licenses in the hope of minimizing the potential dangers caused by inexperienced drivers. This could include banning newly qualified drivers from carrying passengers under the age of 25 for the first year after passing their test, or limiting how long they can spend behind the wheel.

Road safety experts and concerned motorists have expressed their views on the proposed changes to the rules. Some praised the measures to give young drivers time to get comfortable behind the wheel, while others argued it could restrict people’s freedoms and make it difficult for young drivers to find work. .

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One petition calling on the government to change licensing rules has so far attracted more than 22,000 signatures. The Department for Transport responded that there were currently no plans to impose stricter limits on new drivers, but that it would continue to monitor the data and consider further action if necessary.

John Kushnick, legal director at the National Accident Helpline, told GB News that a graduated licensing system could be an ‘effective measure’ to reduce the high number of young people involved in accidents in their first two years on the road .

However, he said it is “important to strike a balance” and ensure young people have access to work. Kushnick added, “Accidents can happen in any demographic, and it is vital for all drivers to exercise caution and remain vigilant on the roadways.”

The expert shared some tips to help drivers keep themselves safe, including taking regular breaks and turning the music up to a sensible volume so you can focus on the road.