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Cameron Mathison talks ‘General Hospital,’ ‘Great American Family’ and hosting a new game show

Vaseline 3 months ago

Cameron Mathison. Photo courtesy of Great American Media

Actor, TV host and Cameron Mathison (“General Hospital”) chatted about his latest endeavors, including hosting a new game show this summer.

Mathison is known for playing Drew Cain on the ABC soap opera ‘General Hospital’.

On Sunday, April 21, Mathison took part in a virtual fan event hosted by Coastal Entertainment.

Drew Cain on ‘General Hospital’

Mathison’s character, Drew, is in the middle of a story with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). “I love working with Cynthia,” he exclaimed, before noting that he has been enjoying exploring the darker side of his character lately.

Speaking of Watros, she just scored a 2024 Daytime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.”

He also said he has a lot of respect for Laura Wright as an actress, who plays Carly on the ABC daytime drama. “Laura is an exceptional person with a big heart and enormous talent,” he said.

Hosting a new game show ‘Beat the Bridge’

He described his new game show “Beat the Bridge” as a “dynamic, super fun and big production.” He revealed that the game will air on the Game Show Network in June.

Great American family films

Most recently, Mathison signed a multi-film deal with Great American Family, where he will create family films and content for them. “This network is really special to me,” he acknowledged.

“It’s so much fun and you know what it feels like to watch these movies. There is something magical about these films, especially from the family and holiday aspect,” he said.

“You can watch these movies with your kids and the whole family,” he noted. “While watching these films is fun, making them is even better. You sit in it and you experience all these decorations, the love story and everything.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to get in there and have that experience for three weeks, and have it live on forever in the film. These family films are very near and dear to my heart,” he added.

Recording a new holiday film

Speaking of Great American Family, he revealed that he is looking forward to making a new holiday movie for them and that it will have a “female lead that everyone knows,” and he stated that he is “very excited to work with this actress to work.”

“My co-star in this upcoming Christmas movie is someone I’ve always wanted to work with, and I guarantee you all know her. I’m so excited about it,” he predicted.

In the meantime, he cited his holiday film “A Merry Christmas Wish,” in which he starred opposite Jill Wagner in 2022, as one of his favorite holiday films he’s ever made.

Key to longevity and staying healthy

He emphasized that the key to longevity and staying healthy is to “build muscle.” “It’s strength training and resistance training,” he said.

“The key to longevity isn’t cardio, and it isn’t losing fat either. The point is to keep your muscles strong for as long as possible, especially as you get older. Preventing injuries and building muscle are crucial,” he explains.

Mathison on the biggest lesson the entertainment industry has taught him

On the biggest lesson the entertainment world has taught him, he replied, “We are capable of anything. Our potential is so limited and we can honestly make our dreams come true even if it is the biggest change in the world.”

“Everything is possible and you can make your dream come true,” he underlined.

Places where he would like to live

He noted that he would like to live in cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix, both in Arizona, as well as the Greek island of Milos.

“If I could move to the island of Milos in Greece, that would be great,” he exclaimed. “Milos is probably my favorite destination I’ve ever been to on earth. It surprised me.”

Thinking of his dog Red

Mathison also remembered his late dog, Red, whom he described as his “best friend.” He then thanked all his fans and followers for their emotional support and outpouring of love during that difficult time.

Fan conventions

Every year, Mathison said he enjoys hosting fan conventions like Christmas Con. “I’ve been to all of them… and I haven’t missed a single one,” he admitted. “Even in 2019, I did it two months after my cancer surgery. I love doing these fan events, and I am always so grateful for my fans.”

Mathison thanks the fans

Mathison concluded by expressing his appreciation for his “General Hospital” fans “from the bottom of his heart.”

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