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Check your Galaxy phone now – Samsung confirms a smart free upgrade is coming soon

Vaseline 2 months ago

Samsung has just confirmed it’s handing out blockbuster upgrades to millions of older Galaxy phones – see the full list here.

Samsung Galaxy S22(SAMSUNG • GETTY)

There’s good news if you haven’t upgraded to a new Galaxy phone in a while. Samsung has just confirmed it’s bringing its smart Galaxy AI upgrade to millions of older devices, including the hugely popular S22 range.

Once the update – called One UI 6.1 – is released next month, users will get a number of smart bonus features, including Live Translate, which offers instant translation right on the device. You can even use this feature in real time to understand what someone speaking a foreign language is saying on the other end of the line – which should help you book a table for your next holiday.

“Traveling abroad no longer has to be a daunting prospect as Interpreter turns speech into translated text in split-screen mode. Live Translate provides instant voice and text translations over phone calls, while Chat Assist helps users get the message across languages ​​and message tone,” Samsung explained.

Circle to Search is now available on more Galaxy phones, allowing users to draw on an image and get instant Google results on what and where it is.

Note Assist and Transcript Assist are also included in the update, making it easier to read your scribbles and create editable notes from voice recordings.

Another big bonus of One UI 6.1 is an update to the camera. Those who like to take videos and photos on their devices will be happy to hear that Genative Edit is now coming to more phones. It allows you to easily modify photos, enhance the image, and move things around without needing a degree in Photoshop.

If that all sounds enticing, Samsung says it will release this update next month.

Here is the full list of compatible devices.