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Video: Tamil Nadu bus driver kicked and beaten by gang for asking to move bikes

Vaseline 2 months ago

A government bus driver in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu was assaulted by a group of men for asking them to move their bikes parked on the road.

Ramesh, who was driving the bus, had stopped after seeing a gang arguing with bicycles parked in the middle of the road. The men then boarded the bus and asked Ramesh to move the vehicle. Ramesh replied that he could not move the bus until the bikes were removed.

Annoyed, the gang started beating Ramesh.

A video shows one of the men kicking Ramesh off the bus, causing him to fall on the road, while others join in to beat him.

WARNING: This video contains disturbing images. Viewers’ judgment is advised

The gang also attacked a local news crew trying to document the incident. Ramesh, journalists Nadimuthu and Arun were admitted to a government hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, police have arrested five suspects, identified as Sudharshan, Janarthanan, Udayakumar, Karthikeyan and Marimuthu, and are looking for others.

Further investigations are underway.

Published by:

Shweta Kumari

Published on:

April 21, 2024