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Cher files for conservatorship for her son, claiming Elijah Blue Allman’s life is “in danger.”

Vaseline 2 months ago

Cher has filed for conservatorship of her son Elijah Blue Allman due to alleged “serious mental health and substance abuse issues.”

According to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained Wednesday by USA TODAY, the Grammy-winning singer claims her son is unable to manage his financial assets for these reasons.

“Elijah is entitled to regular distributions from a trust established for his benefit by his father, but given his ongoing mental health and substance abuse issues, petitioner (Cher) is concerned that any money paid out to Elia will immediately be spent on drugs, leaving Elijah behind. without assets to support themselves, and putting Elia’s life in danger,” the filing said.

Cher wants to be the sole trustee of her son’s estate and assets and according to the filing, the “Moonstruck” actor has “worked tirelessly” to get her son’s help.

A hearing on a temporary injunction is scheduled for January 5, 2024, while a hearing on a permanent injunction is currently scheduled for March 6, 2024.

‘I’m a mother. This is my work’: Cher denies accusations of kidnapping by his son’s estranged wife

Cher Claims Marieangela King ‘Doesn’t Support’ Son Elijah’s Recovery

Cher and Elijah Blue at the film's premiere "Blow" on March 29, 2001 at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.Cher and Elijah Blue at the film's premiere "Blow" on March 29, 2001 at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

Cher and Elijah Blue at the premiere of the movie “Blow” on March 29, 2001 at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

According to court documents filed Wednesday, Cher claims her son’s estranged wife, Marieangela King, is not suitable for the role of conservator because “their tumultuous relationship was marked by a cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises.”

The filing adds that King allegedly tried to keep Cher’s son out of a treatment center. “(Cher) is informed and believes that Angela does not support Elijah’s recovery and that Angela is actively working to prevent Elijah from getting clean and sober or receiving the mental health treatment he desperately needs,” the documents say.

USA TODAY has reached out to Cher and King’s reps for comment.

In the documents, Cher noted that Allman and King are in the middle of divorce proceedings. According to the documents, King cannot be appointed as conservator unless the court finds it is in Allman’s best interests. Cher’s lawyers claim this would “result in the immediate loss or dissipation of Elia’s assets for self-destructive purposes.”

Elijah and King married in December 2013 and Cher’s son reportedly filed for divorce in 2021. In a December 2022 deposition filed in the couple’s divorce, King claimed she and Elijah worked on reconciliation during their 12-day trip to New York the month before. .

Cher denies Marieangela King’s claims that she kidnapped son Elijah

In October, Cher dismissed speculation that she planned her son’s kidnapping, which stemmed from a claim King filed in court last year.

“I am currently unaware of the well-being or whereabouts of my husband. I am very concerned and concerned about him,” King claimed in the 2022 filing. “One of the four men who took him told me that they were hired by (Allman’s) mother.”

Although she declined to go into detail about the alleged kidnapping plot, she told People Magazine that the rumor was “not true.” She added that the situation with her son is one that millions of other Americans are also struggling with.

“I am a mother. This is my job – somehow, to help my children. You do everything for your children,” she said in the October interview. “But it’s joy, even in heartache. When you think about your kids, most of the time you just smile and love them and try to be there for them.”

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Cher files for conservatorship of son Elijah over substance abuse